8 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Man & Van Removals Services

8 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Man & Van Removals Services

Moving a house in this day and age requires a fair amount of research in knowing the best deals on the block.

Potential home movers are often torn between the cheaper ‘man with a van’ option versus the removal companies.

Whilst you may think that the man with a van option is best suited for you expenses wise, this is not often the case.

Things can go missing, items damaged along the way or even a miscommunication on the moving date and time, meaning the additional costs will slowly accrue.

Below, 8 reasons have been listed as to why it is not only safer, but better, to move with a professional removals company:


The British Association of Removers (BAR) is the independent voice of the removals industry. It audits its members to ensure they continue to meet the highest standards of customer service.

As compared to a man with a van, removals companies with BAR membership will follow strict standards as set by the BAR, ensuring professionalism at all times.

Not only this, but your move is protected! You have automatic payment protection, no matter where you are moving to.

Any disputes? They have a dispute resolution team to attempt to resolve the issue.

Wit a man and van solution however, you could find yourself with damaged or lost items with noprecourse.

Policies to Suit You

Being protected by the BAR status of a removals company is highly important, however your removal company themselves will offer you insurance as well.

Often enough, you won’t be offered any form of insurance when moving with a man in a van, so why risk it?

With removal companies, the cover is very comprehensive, and they offer multiple insurance policies to find the best fit for you.

Equipment For Everything

Since the late 1800s, when the pantechnicon became favourable amongst movers due to its inbuilt ramp, specialist equipment has become of high importance when moving-house.

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Equipment has become far more complex than a single ramp. Nowadays, reputable removable firms will possess heavy lifting equipment, such as cranes, making moving that 17ft replica of Michelangelo’s David in your back garden all the easier.

If these large items aren’t moved correctly, they can be very damaging to your property, leaving scraps, scuff marks, and even holes in walls when not dealt with professionally or carefully.

So, from small boxes to nigh-on immovable items, it’s highly important to hire a removals company, who will move your possessions safely and securely.

Protect your Valuables

This brings me to the next point of protecting your valuables.

Modern day man in a van-removals will involve packing the van so tightly that items won’t fall about, and they are unlikely to be wrapped in protective wrapping.

A removal company’s sole job is to move you from A to B, ensuring everything is stress-free and runs smoothly.

Therefore, it is best to trust a removals company to protect your items with bespoke packing materials such as double thickness wrap for glassware; made to measure wooden crates for furniture and more.

8 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Man & Van Removals Services

Next Week, Next Month?

Choosing a day to move can be troublesome, as it’s difficult to know where to start.

It could take you days, weeks or months to pack everything up. Therefore, it’s best to get a bit of help from a removals company.

They can advise you how long they think it will take you to pack up and the best way to pack and unpack, including the labelling and sorting of all your beloved items.

Get It On Paper

Whilst it may be an obvious step for some, many cheap removals with a man and a van won’t offer written contracts or a service level agreement.

This isn’t to say all of them won’t however, a written contract is a set requirement with a removals company.

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It’s important for both the customer and the company to know what is required of them as well as what to expect within the entire process.

More bang for your buck

Whilst we’ve mentioned that man and van services can be cheap, a removal company’s sole responsibility is to move your belongings, and there is a lot of competition for this.

Home movers will often be shocked when they find out that removal companies actually offer some of the best deals going, as well as inclusions such as short/long term storage.

They may not be anywhere near as expensive as you would originally think. So before moving, make sure to look around for the best deals available to you.

Quality of work

With everything else having been said, one thing is clear.

When you book with a removals company, especially if they have BAR accreditation, you will be hiring a professional crew who have been taught how to specifically deal with each and every one of your items.

If you’re ever worried about who to go for, research the company thoroughly and ask family and friends which services they have used in the past and their experience.

All in all, make sure you go for a reputable removals company for a stress-free and safe move without having to worry about anything being damaged or going missing.

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