That Sweet Pharma Cash: How to Become a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

That Sweet Pharma Cash: How to Become a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

In the US, there are around 81,000 pharmaceutical sales representatives.

These professionals educate medical professionals on advances and new cutting-edge treatments available in the industry.

Do you have sales skills and a keen interest in pharmaceuticals that you think could propel you forward in a new Pharmaceutical Sales Representative career?

Well, you don’t need US to tell you that there’s a serious future in pharmaceutical sales, but how do you get your foot in the door? Start with this simple guide.

1. Get a Bachelors Degree and Some Sales Experience

In order to do well in a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative career, you’ll need a Bachelors degree, preferably in a science-based subject.

This degree will help you understand new treatments you’ll be selling. It will also teach you how to communicate with other scientists.

Already have a Bachelors degree? The next step is to gain sales representative skills. If you’re personable, this may come naturally to you.

However, others will need to focus on working on social skills, learning about the business world and mastering the art of persuasion.

Any work experience in sales will make you stand out during job interviews. If you can, work alongside your college degree in a sales-based position.

2. Use Your College Resources and Stay Up to Date

Many of us forget just how useful our college can be in helping us find a job. You should begin your “networking” while in school and continue after too.

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Speak to as many people on campus as possible about the life of a sales representative. Also, attend job fairs to figure out how to become a pharmaceutical sales rep in your state.

You will find that there are major pharmaceutical companies willing to hire people directly out of college and train you up.

Always be Ready to Meet a Potential Employer

Always look sharp when attending job fairs as you may be surprised by who you will meet.

Furthermore, while sending out your resume and meeting new employers, you want to impress them with your knowledge.

To do this, ALWAYS stay up to date with industry news. This way, you can impress employers with your understanding of the world of pharmaceutical sales and Pharmaceutical Distributers.

3. Get Certified and Find Employers

If you didn’t find work directly out of a job fair, don’t worry. In order to become a pharmaceutical sales rep, you can choose to get certified or licensed by the National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives.

This association is known for its Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative or CNPR certification.

After completion, you’ll have access to the NAPRx® Career Center which is a government job search tool website. This is where pharmaceutical companies will find sales reps and could be essential to your career.

Alternative Action Can be Taken…

Alternatively, you may choose to work in B2B sales for a number of years after your Bachelor’s degree to reduce your debt.

Then, try to break into the world of the pharmaceutical sales representative without a CNPR certification.

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(The jury is still out on which method works best and which employers prefer. So, speak to pharmaceutical sales reps in your area via LinkedIn to figure out which is best for you.)

A Job in Pharmaceutical Sales is Waiting for You

What are you waiting for? By following this guide, you’ll soon have your foot in the door and be well on your way to a job in pharmaceutical sales.

Are you struggling to get up and go to achieve your dreams? Don’t worry, we have some tips on the 10 best ways to boost your productivity.

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