How to Find Top-Rated Workers Compensation Lawyers & Law Firms in Atlanta GA

How to Find Top-Rated Workers Compensation Lawyers & Law Firms in Atlanta GA

Workers’ compensation is supposed to be something pretty straight forward but like most things in life, we always find ways to complicate it. There are issues that can come up from any of the workers, employer or insurance companies. Unfortunately, these issues leave a lot of workers robbed of their due either fully or partially.

It is exactly for this reason that lawyers and law firms that specialize in such cases are available. Their task is simply to ensure that the workers get their full due. This however is not an automatic service. The worker has to request for it to be able to enjoy it.

In this article, we will try to help you understand what a lawyer can do for you in such a situation and also how to find an attorney that can handle the task perfectly. Before we go into that, let us create a background so we can all be on the same page.

A Brief Background

Workers have been known to get injured or develop some illnesses as a result of the job they are doing. While safety measures at work places have largely improved, dangers have not been totally eradicated.

When a worker is injured, falls ill or even dies as a result of the job they are doing, there are significant costs that arise for that worker or their family. Rather than engage in lengthy court battles each time such an occurrence takes place the government put in place a plan which is more or less an insurance cover that protects the employer from litigations and out of pocket settlements during such situations. The insurer bears the cost and pays whatever has been stipulated by the state.

By having a compensation plan in place, workers lose their right to sue the employer for the injury except in a few situations. The insurance company takes care of medical expenses and wage losses to the extent that the state law provides. You can get the full gist here.

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What Will a Compensation Lawyer Do for You?

What Will a Compensation Lawyer Do for You?

Like we noted at the beginning, these things don’t always go as smoothly as they should. The reason is mainly because the insurance companies are usually not very excited when asked to make any payments. They therefore look for ways to disprove the claim or reduce the amount that will be paid.

An attorney who is experienced in this process will guide you from the very beginning, showing you the things you MUST do and how to go about them. Simply put, they will ensure you get the full compensation due you.

In some cases, the lawyer can find grounds upon which to sue the employer for a much bigger compensation. Remember that we said that there are a few situations in which the worker can still sue the employer despite the fact that the comp. plan precludes the employee suing the employer. It is the lawyer that will be able to tell you authoritatively if such conditions have been met.

You can get a more detailed explanation of an attorney’s role here:

How to Find the Right Attorney or Firm

So, how does one go about finding the right compensation lawyer? There is a simple step-by-step strategy that you can employ and we will share it here with you.

Look for Recommendations

This is easily the most reliable option open to you. Ask around your from your friends, family or even lawyer. If they know any law firm or individual who specializes in such cases and has a great reputation they will be glad to recommend them to you. This will save you a lot of time and stress.

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Search Online

If you are not able to get any recommendations from those around you, your next options will be to search online. Search for compensation lawyers in your city of residence or where the matter is being handled. This is very important because the laws that guide these transactions are made on a state by state basis. You therefore need a lawyer who fully understands the state’s laws on the issue.

After you have searched by location, you will get some recommendations. What you should then do next is look for their ratings and check for reviews from the previous clients. This will help you decide on their level of expertise on the matter.

Feel Out the Attorney or Firm

If you have penciled down a few firms based on the reviews and ratings, you should go ahead to call them to feel them out. It’s always important that your relationship and communication with your attorney is smooth. After talking with those you have penciled down, you can then make a final decision on whom to go with.


Getting an attorney involved very early on will make the process a lot easier for you. If the insurance company is aware that you’ve already retained an attorney they are also less likely to want to play games with you. This is the best way of ensuring you get full and proper compensation.

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