Safety First: 5 Benefits of Completing Your Forklift Certification

Safety First: 5 Benefits of Completing Your Forklift Certification

Forklifts are used in many industries including construction, warehousing, manufacturing, and more. These machines make tough jobs much easier and provide a level of convenience. Individuals must prove that they have the requisite skills and are knowledgeable enough to operate forklifts before they are certified.

That is why forklift operators need certification as a testimony of their skills. If your company uses forklifts, you’ll want to consider getting your forklift certification.

Benefits of Getting Your Forklift Certification

Here are the benefits you need to know;

Safety of All Employees

Construction and manufacturing industries are among the industries with the highest cases of work-related injuries. Workplace safety is important. So, such industries need to use forklifts and other such equipment in a manner that eliminates or, at least, reduces the number of injuries.

In an industrial setting where heavy equipment is used, accidents that occur are serious and some can lead to death. Those who become certified as forklift operators must undergo safety compliance training. This means that apart from learning how to operate a forklift they must also learn how to protect themselves and other employees around them from injury.

As a forklift operator, they owe it to themselves and to others to stay safe and healthy at the workplace. It is evident that workplace safety is beneficial to a business owner. This is because injuries may lead to a slowdown in production and raise the cost of workers’ compensation.

Legal Compliance

Certified forklift operators are aware of the fact that they must comply with the workplace safety regulations that are in place. This is to ensure that both the operator and the company are protected from an accident.

The law requires that all forklift operators must get certified. What this means is that if you employ a forklift operator who has no certification, you risk being arrested and charged if found. And you will be forced to pay fines which are very high. The fines increase if other cases of negligence are also discovered in your company.

Insurance companies also do not honor claims from injuries arising from non-certified operators. This means that as an employer, you will have to pay out of your pocket. This gives you more reason to engage only certified forklift operators.

To avoid fines and legal tussles, it is good to get certification for all your employees.

Cost Savings

Safety is not only for the workers but also for the products. An untrained forklift operator can cause damage to property and products and this can be a great loss to the company. Furthermore, forklifts that are not operated professionally are prone to breakdowns.

This will lead to additional costs for repairs. During the repair times, there will be no work going on. Which means your business will be affected. To prevent all these, ensure you only engage forklift operators who are trained and certified.

Cost savings, therefore, comes as a result of more efficiency, less downtime, and fewer accidents.

High Productivity

Workers who have forklift operator certification are more productive than their untrained counterparts. Forklift operators who are properly trained are more efficient and this is what makes them more productive. It is advantageous that their efficiency increases as they continue operating the machines.

This is because they will be improving their operating and driving skills. Certification also gives them confidence when they are behind the wheel and this also contributes to high productivity.

Boosts the Morale of Other Workers

Having many accidents in a company demoralizes all employees including those who are not involved in the accident. An employee who witnesses an accident will have his/her level of production affected.

Working with fully trained and certified forklift operators will assure other employees of their safety and they will give their best to the company. This will make work easier in the company because they will not even need closer supervision.

Who Needs Forklift Certification?

Forklift Certification is necessary for all those who use forklifts in their jobs. As a general rule, all manual laborers need forklift certification. It is worth noting that all forklift operators must be at least 18 years old.

A company can also decide to provide basic forklift safety and operation training for the employees who don’t use forklifts in their jobs. This is to ensure that all the employees of a company know how to operate a forklift. Trained employees can take necessary measures in case of an emergency involving a forklift.

How to Get Forklift Certified

The process of getting forklift certification varies. It depends on the person providing the training. But one common thing is that a formal educational or institutional training on the operation of a forklift must be undertaken.

The training can include study guides on forklift safety and operation. It also includes written materials, online training videos or courses, and lectures. Online training is available but is not recommended. This is because it may not give the trainees the required practical skills.

The law also requires practical training sessions at the place of work. The training gets carried out by people who have experience and knowledge that they can impart into their trainees. After the training, the trainees get evaluated at their workplaces before they get the certification.

Forklift Certification Is a Must

All companies in which forklifts are used need to hire operators with OSHA forklift certification. This will boost productivity and prevent legal tussles. As a business owner, it is upon you to ensure that you follow the legal requirements.

Many accidents related to forklifts occur because the operators are either negligent. Other accidents occur because they are not familiar with how the forklifts work. That is what certification eliminates.

All certified operators are aware of the dangers and risks associated with forklifts. This reduces the chances of accidents and also helps in lowering downtime and its associated costs.

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