Why do athletes prefer Anavar for sale?

Why do athletes prefer Anavar for sale?

What is Anavar

Anavar is a type of anabolic steroid which was created in 1962 for patients who were bound to the bed and were suffering from muscle loss. Anavar is also often referred to as Oxandrolone, which is the chemical name for the drug. This tablet or drug helped in preserving their muscle mass throughout their recovery for the time period they were bedridden. This is a brand name which was created by a company named G. D. Searle and Company. However, as soon as the usage of these tablets was made public it was noticed that many of the bodybuilders jumped at the opportunity of preserving their muscles and also increase their strength and as a result started consuming it.

Benefits of using Anavar

As mentioned above, this drug was initially created for helping patients under therapy or treatment. However, it gained popularity amongst many bodybuilders and athletes due to its properties. Let us look at the reasons why people started using Anavar aside from medical usages.

Improving performance

One of the major reasons for the popularity of this drug amongst major athletes was that this was a type of performance-enhancing drug. This drug helped in carrying out more oxygen to the blood creating more energy for the body and which in turn helped the athletes to perform more enthusiastically. This was also a boon for the bodybuilders as it helped in keeping them pumped and ensuring that they could perform longer hours in the gym and devote more time and energy to their workout regime.

Speedy recovery

Another benefit that people get from using this type of drug is that it helps in speedy recovery of the body. In the case as an athlete you have suffered from some form of injury right before your important competition you can be sure that this drug will help you in overcoming such restrictions and will help in making sure that you are in top condition for your completion. The Anavar drug helps in increasing the anabolism in your body which helps in speeding up the process of protein synthesis.

Increasing the strength in your body

One of the basic reasons why we find many athletes using this AAS drug is that it helps in increasing the strength of your body without causing a weight increase. The drug focuses on the small muscle fibers which are usually not put into use while working out and help in bringing the muscles in the body more into contact ensuring that you have a strong body without having gained much weight. Therefore, this is an important benefit which helps athletes outdo their competition without them suffering any physical changes. This drug is also great for athletes as it is not detectable after three weeks of usage which is pretty less compared to other steroids which can be detected up to 18 months of usage. Hence this is an important factor which cannot be ignored.

Fat Burner

For people who are struggling with weight loss Anavar is basically a godsend. This drug helps in enhancing your fat loss in the body as well. Since the drug increases the metabolism rate it increases fat reduction as well. This helps in burning calories faster as well. It is also great for weight loss as you will not be gaining any more muscle weight and this will help in making you look more shredded.

Hence you can easily understand the number of benefits that we get from using this type of drug. However, even with the numerous benefits that we get from using this drug, there are some side effects also which one may face upon using this drug.

Side effects of usage

Similar to most steroids we find that there are a certain number of side effects also that we get from using Anavar. Let us understand how Anavar affects our body.


For people who have weak livers, Anavar might be a poison. For beginners, you should know that Anavar is a complex substance which is not easily broken down by the liver. This means that your liver has to go into overdrive and produce extra enzymes so that it can break down the Anavar molecules. Hence this causes damage to your liver.

Hair Loss and Acne

We should know that some of the most common side effects of using steroids are that they cause hair loss and severe acne. In addition to this, they also cause many problems such as headaches, dizziness, vomiting and such problems for the person taking such drugs.

Higher cholesterol levels

One of the serious problems that people face from suing Anavar is that they might be open to the risk of higher cholesterol levels which may result in chances of strokes and other heart diseases. Therefore, it is important that you have your cholesterol levels checked before starting a dose of Anavar.


We can conclude that the use of Anavar in limited or monitored quantities may not create as many problems as steroids might do. You should also know that in many countries sale and purchase of Anavar is illegal and can cause the party to face jail time and also pay a hefty fine. However, using Anavar under the guidance of the doctor’s instruction may actually help you take advantage of the benefits of the drug.

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