Garcinia Cambogia: How effective is it in your weight loss journey?

Garcinia Cambogia: How effective is it in your weight loss journey?

Weight loss, a nightmare for some and a necessity for many. A hectic life, irregular meals, and improper nutrition lead to weight gain. Excessive weight often leads to type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol, and even cardiac arrest. Here, one has to understand the need for fat in the body before going on a weight loss spree. The body needs essential fat to provide energy and dietary fats are essential for this reason. Here, studies show that the percentage of body fat should be higher in women than in men due to the fact that a woman bears a child. These fatty tissues also provide protection to the organs and bones.

The ideal percentage of body fat depends on your height and build. You can go to a doctor to estimate the fat percentage in your body and how much you need to lose. Ideally, women should have about 13% and men should have about 5% of body fat. You can also check the online calculators for estimation. To get rid of the excess adipose, you need to balance diet and workouts. Adding supplements to your diet too helps, as the ingredient garcinia cambogia for weight loss.

What is garcinia cambogia?

In recent years, this name has become well known globally as a key ingredient that helps in weight loss. So what is this miracle worker? Garcinia cambogia, also known as the Malabar tamarind or brindle berry, is a fruit that bears resemblance to a small pumpkin and is usually yellow in color. A native of South East Asia, Central Africa, and India, this fruit is not only known for its weight loss properties but also as a flavor enhancer and also finds use in traditional remedies that address many affiliations. While the fruit is tasty, it is the peel of the fruit that is the part used for the weight loss as it contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which helps in the actual weight loss.

How does garcinia help in weight loss?

Overeating or lack of exercise is not always the reason for obesity, even though they do contribute. Stress, low metabolism, and fatigue too contribute to excessive weight gain. Garcinia addresses these issues too. Consuming supplements rich in garcinia cambogia along with your regular multivitamin tablet helps you in:

  1. Losing weight – the HCA which is extracted from the peel prevents the storage of excess calories in the form of fat in the body. When you intake more calories than you burn, and this includes your basal metabolic rate, the excess energy gets stored and this is prevented by the conversion of these excess calories to glycogen which promotes muscle gain.
  2. Increasing metabolism – a good metabolism means you burn more than you ingest and this process slows down over time. Good metabolism is key to a healthy body and skin. With a higher metabolism, you also feel more active and energetic.
  3. Suppressing appetite – when you are on the journey to weight loss, you need to control your food quantity and that means more craving. This causes you to not focus on your task. By suppressing your appetite, your body will be trained to eat less and at specific times.
  4. Elimination of depression – one of the main reasons for weight loss is depression. This causes the body to be lethargic and eat more seeking comfort in food. The organic extract of garcinia acts as antidepressants and makes you feel better.
  5. Lowering cholesterol – the body does form cholesterol but unhealthy habits increase the buildup of LDL which are bad cholesterol and that causes arteries to choke. The HDL or good cholesterol levels are maintained by garcinia.

Any side effects?

Since you are going to make adjustments to your diet and the way your body stores calories, you are bound to feel some side effects in the beginning, like nausea, cramps, stomach aches, headaches, and allergies. This lasts about a week, and after that, the body adjusts and you feel energetic and fit.

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