Development Of A Child: The Importance Of Healthy Relationships In The Family

Development Of A Child: The Importance Of Healthy Relationships In The Family

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men,” said Frederick Douglas of the abolitionist movement. This is still relevant because there are many adults who struggle with their roles and functions within their community and society, owing to the traumatic experience of their childhood.

Some of them grow up to be depressed and withdrawn individuals. An unhealthy and unsafe upbringing has also resulted in many individuals displaying deviant behaviors. Some of them even end up in prison.

The Importance Of Healthy Relationship

Whether the children are brought up by their biological parents, one or more relatives, a foster carer or adoptive parents it’s important to have a healthy relationship within the families for the child to be healthy both physically and mentally. Foster care parents undergo a certain amount of training most of the time to be strong enough to handle the challenges they could face while raising foster children.  They are often given remuneration for taking care of the child.

Tahir Khan from Perpetual Fostering ( states that the more training a carer receives, the more their compensation will increase. This training will also equip them to encourage healthy relationships within their families.

Children share a good bond, responsibilities, and strong values with their loved ones when brought up in healthy families. The support they get from within their families helps them open up to their loved ones when faced with challenges or stress. Overcoming challenges together help them grow up to be strong and confident adults who have much to contribute to their families and society.

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How To Build Healthy Relationships Within The Families?

Spend Quality Time With Family

Spending time together as a family helps children understand that their family does have a genuine interest in them and this builds a stronger bond. Having meals together, helping the kids with their school projects, playing sports and indoor games as a family, going out for movies or to the park, or taking them or picking children up from school are some of the ways to spend together as a family.


Communication that is clear, effective and open is truly the foundation of any healthy relationship. Having good communication within the families teaches children its importance in building a healthy relationship with others.

Prioritizing Family Relationships

Most behavior is learned through observation. Make sure you are good role models for your children who value the importance of healthy relationships.

Some of the other ways to build healthy bonds within the families are by:

  • Displaying love and affection
  • Providing care and support to one another
  • Maintaining expectations and boundaries that are healthy and clear

There are many children who undergo physical, mental and sexual abuse within their families. Some of them suffer living with an alcoholic or drug addict and others due to domestic violence.

Some do not have one or both of their parents and have been neglected both physically and emotionally. It’s important that children live in a safe and healthy environment where relationships are a priority to grow up to be confident and productive individuals.

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