Comfort Your Baby with The Power of Songs

Comfort Your Baby with The Power of Songs

Songs have the immense power to communicate and convey emotions to both adults and children. This is why music and songs have been part of a nation’s culture and traditions since time immemorial. Songs and music are also popular with babies. When it comes to babies, they associate music with comfort and calmness. Babies and young kids are very fond of music and enjoy listening to it. Have you noticed when a baby cries, he/she becomes quiet when its mother sings to it? Children a little older dance and sway their bodies when they hear their favorite songs and nursery rhymes playing in the background.

The popularity of baby songs and nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes for babies and small kids have been popular for several decades. The same songs and nursery rhymes are sung to babies and kids today. However, recent research has proved how music is beneficial for a child and parents should introduce their children to baby songs as early as possible.

Songs and music help to activate the different areas of your baby’s brain

Therapists in baby care say that music helps to activate different regions of the brain. A child has a developing brain and music helps to open its pathways for brain and speech development. This is why music therapy is becoming very popular with babies and children that have special needs like autism. Music and songs play a vital role in the emotional development of babies.

Calm your baby with singing songs

Singing songs for babies have helped them to become calm and composed. There have been studies conducted by the University of Montreal where it has been found that babies stayed claim for longer periods when they listened to music compared to a parent speaking to them. It even worked with voices that are unfamiliar to the baby. The study revealed that babies responded better to musical voices over baby talk.

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So, what makes this singing voice different for the baby?

Experts in the field of child development say that a singing voice has an impact on babies primarily because baby songs have pattern and rhythm in the music. If you dig in deeper, you will find that your baby started its life with rhythm- the beat of your heart. This is the rhythmic beat that your baby listened to while eating, sleeping and playing. So, here it does make perfect sense for your baby to listen to songs to have a positive effect on emotional and physical development. This music tends to soothe your baby like it did since birth.

From the above, it is evident that nursery rhymes have a positive effect on the cognitive development of your child. As a parent, play songs and nursery rhymes with your baby. These songs tend to have a lot of repetition and rhythm that comfort your baby. If you notice many nursery rhymes match the speed of a baby’s, and this is another reason why babies calm down while crying when they listen to music. 

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