Thinking of Starting Your Own Construction Biz? Here’s Why You Need a Construction Lawyer

Thinking of Starting Your Own Construction Biz? Here's Why You Need a Construction Lawyer

Starting a construction business offers you a world of opportunity, depending on what direction you plan to take it. You can work hands-on in the business and have a career that goes beyond a desk every day, or you can start up the business and work behind the scenes while building the right team in the process.

In the global market, construction is expected to grow to 10 trillion by the year 2020. If you were concerned about enough growth, know that this is a field that promises a great return in the future.

As you get started in construction, know that it’s something you cannot enter into lightly. If you don’t have your business set up properly, it’s easy enough to get sued and lose a great deal of money.

One of the first steps to getting set up is getting in touch with a construction lawyer. Learn more and see why having one is a must–not optional.

You’re Starting a Construction Business and Want Everything Covered

If you’re just starting out with a business and decided that construction is the route you’d like to take, know there are several factors to take into consideration. You’ll avoid future problems and feel confident knowing everything is laid out correctly with your business if any sorts of issues come up.

Some of the areas a construction lawyer can help you with include:

  • Federal and state tax IDS
  • Your business name
  • Your business structure (such as an LLC or a corporation)
  • Any accounts necessary to make and receive payments

Before you start working with clients and hiring employees, make sure everything is in order first. A qualified attorney can save you time and help you feel confident as you press forward with your business venture.

Anytime You Deal With Documents and Permits

If you’re working in construction, you’ll find documents and permits come up more often than you’d expect. You’ll discover a variety of documents such as agreements between you and your new client, permits necessary for building and inspection, and even documents telling you what’s wrong with a building and how to bring it up to code.

It’s important that everything is read completely. If you’re busy, you won’t necessarily have a lot of time to do this.

A lawyer can take the guesswork out and make you aware of any problems you’re dealing with or steps you need to complete. This allows you to focus on running your company while ensuring everything else gets taken care of.

A law firm such as Verhaeghe Law can assist with ensuring everything is taken care of when you’re getting your company started and need a second eye for important documents.

There’s a Problem With an Employee (or Client)

Running into an issue with an employee or client is something that can happen in any business. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll experience these issues, so it’s good to have someone on hand who has been there before.

If an employee quits, you might be worried if they’ll file for unemployment. Perhaps you’re concerned if there’s a worker’s comp suit that gets filed when an employee is injured on the job.

Having qualified construction lawyers means you’ll be able to focus on running your business and ensuring everything gets completed within a certain timeframe, rather than trying to figure out what’s going on with employees.

The same can be said of dealing with clients. Running into issues along the way means you’ll lose time trying to focus on the legalities of what’s occurring.

Your lawyer can read the documents and let you know the situation, along with what to expect and how to handle it. This simplifies your life and business.

If you’re taking on a new job with a client, check out our post on what to know before signing a contract.

You’re Worried About Environmental Issues and Their Regulations

When you’re focusing on building homes or commercial establishments, you’ll find that being aware of environmental laws is an important aspect of planning. Environmental laws mean you’ll need to be aware of factors such as what the procedure is if you’re getting targeted by an environmental group.

In many cases, environmental groups believe building in or around a certain area should be avoided. They might argue construction is unnecessary or a detriment to the environment.

Trying to jump in headfirst while still managing your business can put you under extra stress and frustration. Rather than trying to manage this on your own, you can appoint these matters to your attorney.

If it turns out building in a certain area is against current environmental law, it’s important that you find out sooner rather than later, and avoid problems. Researching and knowing if there are any limits on where you’re building can save you time and frustration rather than trying to deal with it all on your own.

Considering a Townhall Meeting? Get a Construction Lawyer

Is there a town hall meeting regarding construction you’ll be working on? Or do you feel the need to hold one in regards to something you discovered during the building process?

In cases such as these, it’s wise to have a construction lawyer on hand. The public might have questions that arise based on the legality of creating a new building or working on a project that you’re involved in.

Rather than say something that could implicate yourself, or not have the means or knowledge to accurately answer questions, it’s better to leave these matters to an attorney. If you feel the need to call a meeting to order, your attorney can handle this matter on your behalf and answer the public’s questions with legal knowledge about the situation.

Situations such as these might feel intimidating. When you choose to work with an attorney, you can outsource the legal aspect and feel confident you’re not setting yourself up for trouble later on.

You’re Expanding Your Business into New Territory

It’s only natural that you want your business to grow over time. This means more money and getting your name out there — including new clients. In addition, you will want to know the market and also learn how residential buildings are priced by Active Rain in order to succeed.

If you choose to expand to a new city or state, it’s understandable that you’re going to deal with additional regulations or even totally new ones.

This can leave you feeling confused and unsure of how to proceed with the business and what to do next. You might feel as though you’ve hit a wall.

Having an attorney who knows the construction business can help you avoid these pitfalls. The attorney can advise you on differences between the city and state you’re trying to expand to, and what you need to do to have your business there.

This means you’ll know what to expect and how to prepare your new business. When you do take on work, you’ll know that everything is fully prepared, and you’re able to balance both new businesses without getting caught up in the logistics of paperwork.

You’re Going to Court Over a Problem Related to Your Construction Business

Going to court can leave you feeling apprehensive and unsure of what comes next. By having a construction lawyer as part of your team, you’ll know what to expect when it comes to these types of cases.

Your lawyer can inform you of what they’ve experienced in previous cases, how to handle the nature of this particular problem, and what the worst possible outcome might be. While you might not always feel thrilled with the answer, it can help you feel confident and sure of what’s going on, as opposed to trying to manage the case on your own.

In any case, your lawyer can suggest what they believe is the best way to handle the case. This makes the process easier for you and allows you to do what’s necessary for the court, without trying to manage everything on your own.

Discover More

If you’re just getting started in the construction business, you know there are several different matters to attend to. While you’re responsible for hiring workers and executing the wishes of your client, you’ll also need to stay on top of building codes and comply with your local permit department.

Having a skilled construction lawyer can make a difference in your business, including the quality of work and the confidence clients have in you. If you’re not sure about the benefits of having an attorney, schedule a meeting with one, and see how they can have a positive impact on your budding business.

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