Dreams Into Gold: 5 Steps To Take When Starting A Service Business

Dreams Into Gold: 5 Steps To Take When Starting A Service Business

Are you thinking about starting a service business? Do you have something — knowledge, experience, a system — to offer people that’s valuable?

Then you should check out this guide.

Today, starting a service-based business is easier than ever. The internet makes it a real possibility for wannabe entrepreneurs to be up and running within just a couple weeks. But the truth is, with so many people vying to be self-employed, there’s a lot of bad stuff out there.

That means it’s on you to do the right things early on for your service based business. Here are five steps to take when you start a service business.

1. Know Your Offer

Alright, you think you’re ready for the “good stuff” — designing a logo, buying an LLC (or other business entity, learn more here), creating a website. All that stuff is important (and fun to do), but there’s something you need to take care of before you ever worry about that.

What is your service business offering people? And more importantly, is it something valuable enough that people will pay you money for it?

In a crowded digital landscape, the easiest way to get buried in a sea of nobodies is to offer a product that’s not specific, tangible, or valuable enough. In one to two sentences, know your offer first—its crucial for your success as an entrepreneur.

2. Know Your Customer

Another big mistake new entrepreneurs make is trying to cater to too many people. Especially early on, your best bet is to serve a very small population of people. Finding your niche is the key to success.

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For example, pretend you want to start a camping service business, where you advise people on how to quit their jobs and camp around North America. You should know the ins and outs of the type of person that would pay for that service before you ever launch — their age, gender, amount of disposable income, etc.

3. Create a Brand That’s Clear

Avoid catchy, confusing slogans, logos and company names. If you are a health and fitness company, great — make that apparent in your name and design. If you are a running a personal brand, create graphics that fit around who you want to be as a business owner.

Another way to get lost in the crowd is to not be authentic or clear with your offering.

4. Get Testimonials

To cut through the noise of selling services online you’ll need good testimonials. Who can vouch for your service? People not only want to know who you are, but what service you promised other people and then how you provided for them.

Even if you have to work for free at first — and you might — the spoken words of another vouching for you will be priceless down the road.

5. Be On Social Media

The things social media can do for your business are endless. We’re all on it, so your service-based business should be, too.

Don’t go overboard. One or two social media platforms to start are enough as long as you are consistent with putting out valuable content.

Starting A Service Business—Wrapping Up

Your service business will benefit from clear communication, strong research, and good testimonials from people you’ve served. Starting a service business will take a while, but that can help you cut through the noise and actually be successful.

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