Top 6 factors to check while opting for basement renovations in Toronto

If you are hovering around this page, you may be looking for options to renovate your basement. As you already know, the average rates that are prominent in the market come up to – $35-$75 per square foot. So, technically you have to invest somewhere between $28,000 to $65,000 (minimum base amount). However, the question is – are you ready to renovate your basement? Is it worth the time and money? 

This article will explore those crucial points you must remember before renovating your basement. Additionally, it will give you an insight into choosing the correct professional assistance for the job. 

What factors to consider while renovating the basement? 

An unfinished basement may be a great storage alternative, but, if you are looking for a good payback – then finishing one is a better option. In fact, an annual survey posted by a noted house and lifestyle magazine stated – the average return on completing your basement is 75 cents on $1. 

Moving away from metrics – let’s get to the crucial factors that you must consider if you are looking to renovate your base area – 

  • Safety is a concern 

This is one of the primary concerns, and it is best to consult the basement renovations in Toronto experts before you make a move. One of the key areas you will have to check is the stairwell. Ensure it is strong and provide access towards a safer ground in case of an emergency. If you have associated handrails, you have to take care that the walls supporting the handrails are beefed up well.

  • What type of flooring must you use?

This is the next thing you must consider – the flooring. If you are a fan of wood, you must be careful. As good as solid wood flooring may sound, a minor fluctuation in moisture levels (which any basement is prone to) will cause – splitting. 

So, if you are considering wood – choose one that is long-lasting – walnut, mahogany and teak are good alternatives. 

If you choose to steer clear of wood, vinyl plank, ceramic tiles and engineered wood are always a choice. 

  • What are the lights you plan to use?

Another factor that you will have to scrutinize is – the lights that you plan to use. When you consult professionals, they will mostly guide you to opt for natural light (that implies more doors and windows). Since it is the basement area and is prone to moisture (installing the dehumidifier is a must) – therefore, you need natural light. 

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However, you must be careful of the strength of the surrounding walls so that they can take the added structural load. 

  • Have you checked the heating capabilities?

When you plan on renovating your base space, you must check the heating options. The heating systems of your home, your AC or even the ventilation systems have been set as per the requirements of the upper levels. Hence, you will have to check if it matches the requirements of the lower arena – and discuss with professionals how the changes must be made. 

  • How do you finish the ceiling?

For the unversed – drop ceiling tiles are a great alternative for basements. Apart from that, you may also consider drywall ceiling (though flakes drying off can be an issue). Before you opt for any of the alternatives, you must remember that the lowest hanging pipe/duct of your house is parallel to the highest level of your basement. For details, seek help from experts. 

  • Plan your escape route 

This is one of the last things you must consider. Before you renovate your basement, check what ‘mandatory requirements’ the local building code follows. Mostly, egress windows become necessary if you wish to expand the usability of that room. Now – does your basement have the capacity to include that, especially with hinges outside? You will have to connect with the professional and discuss this issue. 

How to choose professional help? 

Given that you have gained basic knowledge of the factors you must consider before you opt for professional help, the immediate query that follows is – how to choose professionals for the job? What are those ‘must-haves’ you cannot miss out on? 

  • When you are looking for basement renovation and remodelling experts who provide professional service – ensure you check their previous works. A professional service with work on display is the easiest to pick. You know what you want or don’t want from their work portfolio. 
  • Another crucial point you must remember when you opt for experts in basement renovations in Toronto is – the quality of the products that they use. They must be a service provider – open to sharing the details about products they use. After all, you are making the payment – you should have first-hand info on the materials used. 
  • What is their price strategy? This is an important question you have to put before them. As someone planning to renovate your basement, it is understandable that you have a price strategy in mind. If so – and also taking into the market rates, where do they stand? The price they are offering, is it market-worthy? If they are priced at a lower rate – then do they compromise on the quality? You have to put forth these queries and get suitable answers constantly. 
  • The last factor you will have to check is their credibility in the market. Are they the kind who finish the work, or are they the ones – who might take up the job but leave midway? What do the ex-clients or the present ones (if they are working on an ongoing project) have to say about them? As an investor, you must have answers to these queries. 
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As someone looking to renovate and remodel the basement – these are the factors to cross-check when you are looking to hire professional services. 

Final thoughts 

With space crunch at homes being a ‘real problem’ especially when the professional domain is moving towards a hybrid mode and online classes for kids becoming the demand of the time – it is best to make use of every inch of space available at your residence. Also, without a doubt, when you seek professional assistance, the overall process becomes streamlined – thereby improving the quality of work. 

On a parting note, you must remember to pick the correct set of professionals after thorough checking so that your investment is worth the price. 

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