8 Sustainable lifestyle hacks

Some people think that changing your lifestyle to the more green ways is quite complicated. However, by following our simple sustainable lifestyle hacks in no time you’ll be ready to affect the Earth in the most positive manner possible. 

1. Use reusable bottles

Now that the summer is in full swing, you should have water on you at all times. A lot of people are guilty of buying a water bottle a day which is detrimental to the environment. All of these bottles end up in the landfills, if not properly recycled which is sadly rarely the case. In order to reduce your impact on the Earth’s wellbeing you should get a reusable water bottle you’ll carry around and refill when needed.

2.Look into dry cleaning alternatives

Dry cleaning uses a lot of harmful chemicals in the process. Instead of being washed in the water, your clothes are being soaked in chemicals such as tetrachloroethylene. After the process is over, where these chemicals are disposed is on the dry cleaning service provider. The best you can do is to look into alternatives to dry cleaning, also known as green cleaning. If you live in the Chicago area you should take a peep at this finest green cleaning in Chicago

3. Reusable straws 

Straws are one of the most commonly used plastics, next to the water bottles. In order to reduce the plastic waste you produce you should stop using plastic straws all together. A great alternative to greening up your lifestyle is to buy glass or metal or even bamboo reusable straws. Some people are concerned about washing their straws, but most of them come with a brush making it easy to wash.

4. Plastic bags are a thing of the past

When you go shopping you should take a tote bag with you. These cotton bags are perfect for carrying heavy loads from the grocery stores. It happens to all of us that we sometimes forget to bring the reusable bag with us. When this happens to you, you should ask for a brown paper bag which is usually made out of recycled materials and is less environmentally harmful.

5. Thrift shop

Instead of visiting malls in your free time, you should try frequenting thrift and vintage stores. Buying second hand items can lower your carbon footprint and quite immensely so. Instead of getting something new you can make a new home for an item which could be otherwise disregarded.

6. Unplug your electrics

Being mindful about your electrical spending is a great way to be more environmentally friendly with an added benefit of being friendly to your pocket. The first and the easiest way to do so is to switch off the lights when you exit the room and to install LED lights which spend much less energy. 

7. Separate your waste

Separating the waste you make is an easy way to prepare for recycling. Make a designated bin for plastic, metal, paper and organic material you waste. This way it will be easier to carry them to your local recycling place. The organic waste can be composted and used as a fertilizer for your plants. 

8. Use a diva cup

If you mestruate, you go through a lot of sanitary products a month. Sanitary products make up a big chunk of the landfills, but you have to use pads and tampons, right? Well, no. Recently, there has been a rise in popularity of alternatives to pads and tampons such as diva cups and period underwear. Both of the alternatives are reusable and are made of organic materials which are kinder to our mother Earth and our bodies.

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