High-CBD Strains for Anxiety

High-CBD Strains for Anxiety

Medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular for people seeking alternative remedies to over-the-counter and prescription drugs for various ailments. The cannabis industry today is far more sophisticated and curated than it used to be a few years ago. Different marijuana strains have unique effects that people seek when they want to buy medical marijuana. Many regular users even own MMJ cards which helps them to get identified as licensed patients and have access to the medicine at lower costs. You can check online medical card reviews on various online platforms to see what benefits users are getting from these cards and should you really consider getting one! Lets know about the High-CBD Strains for Anxiety.

Whether you want to feel energized, euphoric, mellowed out, or somewhere in between, there seem to be several cannabis strains that can help you achieve the desired effect.

Cannabis is also becoming a go-to remedy for people with anxiety. Of course, not all cannabis is created equal. Some strains are exceptional at helping you relieve your anxiety, but some can actually bring on or even worsen anxiety.

The key is to choose a strain with a high CBD-to-THC ratio.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the main active compounds that have an effect on you when you have marijuana. Both compounds have a similar structure but have significantly different effects.

THC is the psychoactive compound that is responsible for inducing the euphoric high that many people associate with marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive at all. THC causes the high, and that can sometimes accompany anxiety and paranoia that some people experience.

While high-CBD cannabis strains are not the only remedy, many people use them to find some relief from anxiety due to their anti-anxiety effects.

This post will discuss some of the best high-CBD medical marijuana strains for anxiety that you can consider.

High-CBD Medical Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

The key to finding the right MMJ strain for anxiety is to do your homework on MMJ strains and make a more well-informed decision. We have put together a list of some of the most popular medical marijuana strains that have a high CBD-to-THC ratio to make the process of finding the ideal cannabis strain for anxiety easier for you.

1. Harle-Tsu

The Harle-Tsu is a hybrid cannabis strain that is a cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. Harle-Tsu typically boasts a 20% – 24% CBD to 1% THC, giving it an approximately 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. Effectively speaking, there is no chance that you can feel high when you use this cannabis strain for anxiety.

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Its high-CBD content induces a relaxing effect that relieves chronic pain, inflammation and counteracts anxiety. Using this strain is virtually guaranteed to leave you feeling focused, happy, and calm.

2. Suzy Q

The Suzy Q features a CBD concentration of 10% with lower than 1% THC. The marijuana strain has been described to have a pleasant and piney taste that makes it easier to use.

This cannabis strain offers a relaxing and uplifting effect that can help relieve nausea, chronic pain, muscle spasms, and anxiety – all without the intoxicating effects of THC.

3. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is another popular high-CBD medical marijuana strain for anxiety that you can consider. It has a CBD concentration of 13% and THC concentration of less than 1%, giving it a very high CBD:THC ratio. This cannabis strain was specifically bred for the Stanley Brothers in Colorado, who use this in their health and wellness products.

The strain gives a calming feeling that is considered well-suited for managing chronic pain, muscle spasms, seizures, and anxiety.

4. Ringo’s Gift

Ringo’s Gift is another high-CBD medical marijuana strain that boasts 11% – 15% CBD t0 1% THC. It has an average CBD:THC ratio of 13:1, but some strains can have as much as 24:1, making it a very CBD-heavy cannabis strain that you can consider.

The sensation of using Ringo’s Gift can be described as soothing and relaxation that begins in the head and spreads slowly throughout the body but without a sedative effect. Many people use it to deal with migraine, pain relief, PTSD, and anxiety.

5. Remedy

The very name of this cannabis strain suggests that it acts as a remedy for your ailments. With a 13% CBD concentration to less than 1% THC, it is a very high-CBD strain with little to no psychoactive effects. The sensation of using Remedy can be described as mellow and relaxing.

It is a strain that can be very useful for chronic pain. Remedy has sweet and floral notes that are akin to herbal tea.

6. Cherry Wine

Cherry Wine is a cannabis strain with a 15% – 25% CBD concentration, with less than 1% THC. It boasts a high CBD:THC ratio and is attributed to having mood-elevating properties. The medical marijuana strain comes with an aroma of sweet cherries with hints of cheese and black pepper, hence its name.

If you suffer from chronic pain, inflammation, depression, or anxiety, this strain could lend a very helpful hand in calming your nerves and making you feel better.


The name might suggest that this medical marijuana strain might leave you … thunderstruck.

Fortunately, the strain does not give you any intense high like what its name might make you think. It has a 14% CBD concentration to 1% THC. It typically boasts a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio, making it an excellent cannabis strain to relieve pain, anxiety, muscle spasms, and more.

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8. Elektra

Elektra is very well known for its fantastic smell. It has a sweet aroma that contains citrus, chocolate, and red wine notes that make it a delicious MMJ strain to try.

It boasts a 15% CBD to less than 1% THC ratio, making it an ideal strain to consider if you seek something to help you with social anxiety, feel more relaxed, and even to sleep (in high enough doses).

9. Sour Space Candy

Sour Candy Space boasts an average 15% CBD to 1% THC ratio that gives a sensation of feeling relaxed, focused, and happy. Many users praise it for its relaxing and sleep-promoting properties, making it another excellent cannabis strain for anxiety relief.

10. Lifter

As the name suggests, the Lifter is a cannabis strain that can lift you up, feel happier, and more relaxed. Users have reported that it is a great strain for pain relief and anxiety.

Lifter contains 18% CBD and less than 1% THC, giving it a very high CBD:THC ratio that could be ideal for anxiety relief without a euphoric high.

Why a High-CBD Strain May Have Health Benefits

The medical community has been researching the effects of CBD and THC on our health. There is a growing body of research that suggests that CBD has several potential health benefits. CBD is considered to be a cure-all for various ailments. Some of the medical and health conditions that CBD is believed to help with include:

  • Inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Nerve pain
  • Chronic pain
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety disorders

Final Thoughts

The right medical marijuana strain can set you up for excellent anti-anxiety effects that can help you feel much better without inducing a psychoactive high. If you are looking to buy one of the high-CBD strains for anxiety, you should know that you need a valid medical marijuana license.

If you are not sure how to obtain the license to buy medical marijuana, you can consider taking help. Green Hope Wellness is a company that can help people seeking MMJ for anxiety by easing the process of acquiring the card.

Once you get your medical marijuana card, you can legally purchase one of these strains for their anti-anxiety effects and live a more fulfilling life.

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