3 key differences between car and trucking accidents

differences car trucking accidents

Accidents on U.S. roads are very common, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same. “Normal” car accidents involving passenger vehicles are often significantly different from accidents involving large commercial trucks. Big rig accidents are most drivers’ worst nightmare. Trucking wrecks tend to be deadlier than accidents involving smaller vehicles. However, those aren’t the only differences between these two types of collisions. Read on if you want to discover 3 key differences between car and trucking accidents.

Keep in mind, car and truck wrecks share a crucial similarity

Before we jump into the differences, you should know that truck accident and car accidents share one fundamental similarity: Getting compensation is much easier if you work with a motor vehicle accident lawyer.

Most Los Angeles car accident law firms, such as C&B Law Group, have experience dealing with passenger vehicle crashes and big rig accidents.

In both cases, the attorney will aggressively negotiate on your behalf to get you the maximum compensation available for your case. So, if you want to hire an experienced attorney, or would like to know the value of your case in minutes, don’t hesitate to call a local lawyer for a free consultation.

The causes are often different

Driver negligence is often the main cause of regular car accidents. Most car collisions in the United States tend to be related to distracted driving (such as using your phone while behind the wheel), drunk driving, speeding, and reckless driving.

However, these causes are much less frequent in commercial truck accidents. Instead, the leading causes for these types of collisions are often due to driver fatigue (many truckers drive long hours without sleep), lack of training or experience, or vehicle maintenance failures.

Knowing the causes of these types of collisions will allow you to avoid them while on the road. On the other hand, after an accident, your motor vehicle accident attorney will take care to investigate the cause thoroughly. This is a piece of evidence that may be critical during your compensation claim.

Trucking accidents cause more severe damages

As mentioned above, truck accidents tend to be much more deadly. More than 4,000 people die each year in truck accidents, and 68% of the fatalities are passenger vehicle occupants.

In fact, truck accidents will result in more severe injuries and much more serious property damage in the vast majority of cases. The size and weight of these vehicles means that their crashes often cause significantly greater damage.

After a truck accident, you will likely suffer from severe injuries such as broken bones, cuts, lacerations, or even a head injury.

Reflecting the greater damage, the compensation you can receive after a truck accident is usually much higher than regular vehicle accidents.

Liability may be more complex

Most car accident claims are filed against one person: the driver at fault for the collision. Then, the process of obtaining compensation is usually more straightforward. The driver, or their insurance company, will have to provide fair compensation for the accident victim.

On the other hand, trucking accidents are usually not so cut and dry. In these cases, several parties are likely liable for the crash. Besides the driver, the actual owner of the truck will also be responsible for the accident. Also, the cargo handlers could be held at fault for the accident.

Determining fault can be a challenge in truck accident cases, but a local truck accident attorney can help. If you have further questions, contacting a legal professional may be the wisest thing you can do. You have nothing to lose!

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