Top Brisbane Guide to Concrete Cutting Services

An Ultimate Guide to Concrete Cutting

Despite the advancements in technology, concrete is still dominating the market when it comes to creating a long-lasting building. That is why it is important to understand concrete cutting and its types. Check out this article about An Ultimate Guide to Concrete Cutting.

Concrete cutting is the process of drilling holes in hard or concrete surfaces like ceilings and walls. As concrete is the toughest material on the earth, so the job demands high-quality tools and professionals to handle the project effectively. You can visit this site to read more about the different type of drilling services.

Therefore, if possible you should contact a professional concrete cutting services provider when dealing with any type of concrete cutting project.

Here are some different types of concrete cutting that you can expect from top Brisbane concrete cutting services

List Of Types Of Concrete Cutting Services

Core Drilling 

You might have noticed hollow, cylindrical drill batteries used by the workers to make holes through hard surfaces. Such drills are known as core drills. These drills are made up of metal with a diamond or carbide coating at the tip. 

Core drilling is used to penetrate various surfaces. As it can cut rocks, wood, cement, and ice so it is a highly used concrete cutting method. Core drills push the surface in a twisting motion to create a hole. You can use a variety of core drills as per your needs and requirements. It is one of the simplest ways to cut a hard surface.

Curb Cutting

It is a type of industrial concrete cutting used to break curbs to create sidewalks. Such types of cutting are necessary for aiding in the movement of persons with wheelchairs, strollers, skateboards, or dollies. Curb cutting is also helpful in providing a way for parking. 

Machines used for curb cutting create a sloping incline that leaves the smooth and finished curb look. 

Thus, it is an ideal technique for creating or removing parapet during winding or demolition bridges and roads. 

Dry Sawing

If you have an outdoor project, then you can use the dry sawing method. Dry sawing makes use of a diamond blade cutter as a result protecting the blade from overheating even in the absence of water. 

However, this method produces a lot of dust and can also produce some tiny flying concrete chips. So, it is important to wear the right protective gear when using dry sawing. As this method can be used only by professionals so it is suitable for only large-scale concrete jobs. 

Wet Sawing

It is a better and safer technique to cut the concrete as compared to the dry sawing method. Plus, it is suitable for both large-scale and small-scale projects. Under this method, the workers make use of a saw which is dipped in water. Hence, making the concrete cutting process much easier and safer. 

The best part about this type of concrete cutting is that it is eco-friendly as there is dust reduction along with negligible production of tiny flying concrete chips. 

So, if you are an asthma patient or have any kind of respiratory illness, direct your workers to make use of wet sawing rather than dry sawing. 

Floor Sawing

Floor sawing is a method used to create holes in pavements, roads, decks, etc. It is a highly used method to create unique shapes and sizes in hard surfaces. The best part about floor sawing is that it leaves the remaining surface undisturbed. 

Moreover, one can use a variety of machines like diesel, petrol, or 3 phase electric floor saws for effective and efficient cutting. 

Wire Sawing

If you need highly accurate and high-quality cuttings in steel and concrete, use Wire Sawing. The type of concrete cutting allows you to create different sizes and shapes of the surface without any hassles. Plus, it is one of the most efficient and effective methods of concrete cutting which makes use of diamond embedded cables. 

It is an anti-vibration method. Therefore it does not create any crack or unnecessary cut around the opening. But remember Wire Sawing needs huge investments, so it is not a suitable method of concrete cutting for one time projects or for households. 

Ring Sawing

After reading all the above-mentioned methods you might be looking for a method that small and medium-sized enterprises can use. Here is the answer. Ring sawing method is the optimum method for small and medium business entities. 

It is a hand held method that can create holes with high precision even in hard to reach areas. Ring sawing can be used on surfaces like stone, glass, granite, marble and acrylic. 


Selecting the right concrete cutting method is not an easy task as you have a plethora of options to choose from. So, you need to hire a professional concrete cutting service provider who can select the most suitable method for the best possible results. 

If you wish to know more about the various concrete cutting methods and why you need to contact the top Brisbane concrete cutting services providers, click here


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