Tips on Using Skirting Boards in a Modern Home

Tips on Using Skirting Boards

If you are a homeowner wanting to renovate your home, but uncertain where to start you need to consider using skirting boards. This simple upgrade will make the rooms in your home stand out and add value to your property, because of the functionality thereof. It forms a united, thoughtful design that can beautifully finish off any room. Skirting boards can be used to hide uneven walls and electrical wiring. Currently, there are so many options to choose from, it might leave you very confused. It is essential that you choose the right style to suit your interior. If you are wondering what motifs are available, please refer to this skirting website. Here are some tips on using Skirting Boards:


The age and number of those occupying the home will influence your decision. Skirtings should add aesthetic value to your home and should therefore be durable and lasting. 

If your occupants have children or pets, investing in a high-quality expensive product is not ideal. Children might use crayons to draw on the skirting boards and pets may scratch or chew them. Consider simpler options that are more affordable to replace. If you need to replace boards regularly it is by no means necessary to break the bank. 

However, if your home is going to be free of children and pets, investing in a high-quality product is an option. Just make sure that the motif compliments your interior.


It is important that you are certain how you will apply the skirting boards in your home before actually purchasing the item. What do you expect after installation? Before spending copious amounts on skirting boards carefully decide what look you want to achieve. 

Certain homeowners install skirting boards as an add-on, others use them to overhaul the interior. If you simply long for an update in your home you can settle for a motif that is similar to the one you had. 

On the other hand, if you want something completely new and different you may need to use style guidelines. Appropriate styles for a mock period range from ovolo, torius and ogee, but modern homes require square-edged, bullnose and pencil round styles. 

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Check out this list of modern and contemporary skirting board designs: Choose designs that are sleek for modern interiors.

Flat and Modern

Flat modern or minimal designs are elegant, due to their simplicity. Its flat feature differs greatly from traditional rounded motifs, but is a favorite when deciding on a design for modern homes. When choosing this design, homeowners can go for a modern look, without going too minimal. 

By using a board with a height of at least six inches or higher, it adds richness and maturity to walls. This style does not only compliment a white wall, but can also be installed next to a patterned wallpaper, making it versatile. A white skirting furnishes a visual break that is pleasing to the eye. 


Similar to modern or minimal designs, rectangular skirtings consist of clean-lined profiles, without rounded edges. It does, however, offer a bit more complex compared to the flat style. Thin grooves still carry a sense of modern style which works in transitional spaces. 

These boards can be paired with a grainy wall treatment or classic finishes, like parquet floors and antiqued mirrors, balancing modern and conventional elements homogenously. 

Something that is quite uncommon, but ideal for a modern home is using stainless steel or other types of metal sheeting as skirting. A metal skirting can flawlessly harmonize a concrete floor, complementing gray tones and providing an industrial flair. 

Height and Size

The size and height of the board must be taken into consideration. Your overall theme can be affected if the skirting is too small or big. You can protect the wallpaper or paint of a room by using a skirting board that is taller than the usual size. This is especially important if the room receives abundant traffic.

Suppliers offer deep skirting boards, (approximately 12 inches in height) but it is also possible to create something that is similar if you combine thinner strips. 

Use the base strip and top strip with an uncovered area of the wall in the middle, to appear as a segment of the board once the walls have been painted. Just remember that this look is more effective if the ‘skirting’ has a different finish to the other wall areas. 

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Take the room’s size into consideration when choosing the height of the skirting, the higher the ceiling, the taller the board. Equivalently opt for lower or shorter boards for low ceilings. Perceived proportions of rooms can be altered when adjusting the design details, like skirtings. Use a ratio of 1/18 of the room to determine the height of the board.


A crucial deciding factor when it comes to purchasing skirting boards is the price. You want a stunning home, without burning a massive hole into your budget, correct? Always check prices before buying anything to ensure you are not overspending on your renovation budget. If there are specific maintenance needs, this needs to be taken into consideration, otherwise you might not achieve the look you wish. 

Compare prices of several suppliers, it is not necessary to buy from the only one you know. Proper homework can save a lot of time and money. Materials like MDF are budget-friendly, but vulnerable to damage, like chips, warping and cracks. Ask your salesman about the strength of the material, before making your purchase. 

Once you have found the perfect skirting board at the best price, you may want to contact a professional for assistance. Sure, it is very convenient (and cheap) to do the installation by yourself, but if you do not have prior experience, you may not get the result you were hoping for. Hopefully, these guidelines can help to make your house a lovely home.

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