5 Tips for Starting a Garden Ornament Business

Garden Ornament Business

Garden ornaments have long been a part of gardening. No matter what type of gardens you look at, they will always have an ornament or two present. From the beautiful Victorian statues to the humble garden gnome, ornaments are always welcome in gardens because they bring the whole ensemble together. If you are adept at making these ornaments, you should think about making a business out of garden ornaments. This will enable you to continue with your passion, and make money out of it. However, if you are going to make a business, you should know how to do it properly. Here are 5 tips for starting a garden ornament business.

1. Choose a Specific Style 

If you are going to manufacture garden ornaments, it is very important that you choose a specific style. There are a myriad of styles that you could use, and if you are going to offer too many styles, you might not be able to cope with the orders. 

Remember that each type of ornament requires a different type of mold and method of production. So if you don’t want to spread yourself too thin, then you should choose a specific style of ornaments that you could offer. 

You could choose practically any style that you could think of. What matters is that you are familiar with it, and you could consistently deliver on them.

2. Choose the Right Materials To Craft With

If you are going to mass produce garden ornaments, it is important that you choose the right materials to build with. The usual materials that garden ornaments are made of are stone, wood, and plastic. The most traditional materials are stone ornaments, and various garden styles such as Zen gardens utilize stone ornaments to create a peaceful setting. Stone ornaments are usually very sturdy and could last for years before they get damaged. However, if you want to mass produce your ornaments,  stone may not be the best material, because making even just one garden ornament such as a statue or fountain is very work-intensive. 

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If you choose to build ornaments with wood, you should remember that wood is not the most sturdy material to use for garden ornaments. It is imperative that you choose top-quality wood, and use lacquer or other methods to make it as durable as possible. 

If you want to mass-produce garden ornaments that are both sturdy and easy to manufacture, it is a good idea to use plastic as your main crafting material. It is not only tough enough to withstand the elements, but it is also very malleable. By using specialized molds, you could even mass produce as many garden ornaments as you need. All you need is a master mold, and you could create thousands of identical ornaments at very little cost to you. Companies such as Immould create top-quality molds at very affordable prices. As such, if you want to purchase customized molds for your ornaments, you should check out www.immould.com,  they have a bevy of great services that will fulfill all your molding needs.

3. Create an Attractive Company Website

Aside from the production aspect of your business, it is also important that you take your marketing just as seriously. First things first, you should make sure your company website is well-made. 

Remember that your website is your main marketing platform. It acts as your company’s base of operation, and it is where your potential buyers will check out your wares.So it is imperative that you post pictures of your products through your website. This will give potential buyers an actual image of your wares, and further entice them to buy.

If you want to increase traffic to your company website, it is always a good idea to add certain features to your company website. One way is to create a blog section. Your blog section should contain articles that compliment your products. They could come in the form of how-to articles or list articles. You could also post specialized landscaping videos, to create more interest in your products.

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When you create your website, you should decide on company colors and a logo. This will help differentiate your website stand out. It is also important that your company website is easy to navigate through. It would be so annoying for potential customers to navigate through a multitude of pages, just to find a particular product. Overall, you should make it a priority to make your website as attractive and efficient as possible.

4. Reach Out To Landscaping Companies

Although you could sell your products through your website or even through an actual store, it is also a good idea to reach out directly to particular clients. If you want to have a stable clientele for your products, you should approach various landscaping companies. These types of companies work on gardens on a daily basis, and they will always need quality ornaments for their projects. So make it a priority to reach out, and create a rapport with them. If you are fortunate to get a partnership with even one landscaping company, then you will have a consistent flow of orders.

5. Make Sure All Your Products Are Top Quality

With the tips above, you now have the knowledge to start your garden ornament business. However, before you even get started, you should remember one thing. That quality control is key. You could be selling your ornaments very well, but all it takes is one bad review, and potential buyers might not buy from you anymore. So if you want your ornaments to be well-received, you should take quality control very seriously.


Crafting garden ornaments is a time-honored art form, and if you have the skills to make them professionally, then you should really think about making a business out of it. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up your garden ornament business with little to no fuss.

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