Why You Should Choose an Expert in International Family Law ?

international family lawyer

Law is always going to be a high-demand profession. It doesn’t matter if it is corporate law, criminal law, environmental law, and even family law. We know that Lawyers will continue to play an integral role in society as long as legal rights exist. The focus of this piece is international family law. What is International Family Law and when is it vital to choose an international family lawyer ? Types of International Family Law cases. 

What is International Family Law ? 

International family law is a term used to describe legal family matters that have international elements. For example, when a couple from two different nationalities want to get divorced in a foreign country, the case has an international element. Employing a regular family lawyer to handle such a case will be detrimental. You must meet with a specialist in international family law like Mrs. Laurence Mayer. 

A regular family lawyer isn’t going to have the knowledge, skills, or resources required to handle family cases when there are obvious international elements that cannot be overlooked. When you visit a family lawyer for assistance in an international case, the lawyer will be obligated to respectfully decline and recommend an international family lawyer that will represent you or your loved ones. 

Family challenges are always delicate. This is especially so when children are involved. Things get even more complicated when both parents are from different parts of the world. When there is a divorce and one parent decides to go back to their home country who takes the children? Will they be separated? What factors will determine where the children will stay?

When a couple separates mutually, agreeing is easy. They might decide to stay in the same country for the sake of the children while they share custody. However, this isn’t always the case and even when it is, you still need an experienced lawyer to represent you through the process. Most divorces leave one or both parents angry and seeking revenge. Without proper representation, you might end up losing everything you have including your children. Mrs. Mayer will be by your side ensuring that your partner doesn’t cheat you out of your rights. At the same time, she will advise you on the best way to protect your children. 

Types of International Family Law Cases  

Laurence Mayer, international lawyer in family law and collaborative work, has years of experience in the field. She is capable of handling your case. Over the years, Mayer has built a reputation in four major types of International Family Law cases. 

1. Matrimonial Property Regimes 

When you get married, you will be expected to share everything you own with your partner. If you happen to be a billionaire before marriage, your partner will automatically become a billionaire as well. When the marriage is holding strong, this isn’t going to be a problem, but what happens when there is a divorce? Do you lose half of everything you owned even before the marriage? What if you could mitigate the financial blow of divorce by sharing only matrimonial property?

Mrs. Mayer provides Matrimonial Property Regimes to her clients. A Matrimonial Property Regime is a legally binding contract. It states that only property acquired during the marriage can be shared during a divorce. Inheritance and gifts aren’t usually part of matrimonial property. This contract helps to reduce the financial burdens of a divorce. 

2. International Divorce 

We already mentioned something about international divorce above. If your marriage was instituted in a different country from your current residence, it has an international element. Things can get ugly during the process but Mrs. Mayer has handled several international divorce cases over the years even if she stays in Paris. She knows the challenges that can arise in such situations. 

3. International Child Abduction

If a child is kidnapped and taken to another country by a parent, or any family member without custodial rights, it is called international child abduction. If you do not employ the services of the right lawyer in such a situation, you might lose your child forever. Mrs. Laurence Mayer has helped many parents get their children back even after all diplomatic efforts failed. 

4. Inheritance Tax

When a loved one dies and leaves you with a significant inheritance, it might change your fortune dramatically. However, inheritance is taxable. So, you will be required by law to pay tax on the money you receive. Some international tax laws influence inheritance tax on a national level. Mrs. Mayer is fully aware of the inheritance tax laws in France. She knows some loopholes that you can explore to reduce the tax burden of your inheritance. She does not just help with national inheritance cases, she also helps people who inherit money from loved ones in other countries. 

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