Things to Know About Emergency Food Storage

Emergency Food Storage

Many parts of the world are vulnerable to natural disasters such as storms, floods, hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, and several others. Here are few things that you should know about the emergency food storages,

Of late, India experienced a natural disaster that has claimed many lives and other serious casualties. For more information about this, you can check here.

The good news is that scientific and technological advancement has made it possible for experts to predict when these disasters will likely happen. Sometimes, residents of these locations have to vacate the location till after things return to normalcy.

However, nature can be very funny as some of these things happen even when they are not predicted. To cope in the aftermath of these happenings, you must have some survival skills, items, and equipment.

It is on this note that this article will be discussing the subject of food storage when these emergencies arise. We strongly suggest that you pay rapt attention as you never can tell when the information will come in handy.

Food Storages During an Emergency

Food Storage During

Nobody wants to go through the rough times that a disaster can cause. However, things can be a lot better if you had given serious thought to planning for emergency food storages.

One of the areas of concern should be your feeding. To do this, the equipment for emergency food storages and proper storage are vital. Let us discuss some more about this below:

Get the Right Meals

These times are not about eating to your taste. It is more about having a stockpile of food that is appropriate for the state of things. This is because some meals you love have a very short lifespan.

You are expected to avoid such meals as they can get decayed and unfit for human consumption easily. This is something you need to avoid.

Apart from getting meals that have a long shelf span, we strongly advise that you opt for foods that can be made into many options. This will help to create a sense of variety which can be very helpful during these critical moments.

Examples of such meals include canned vegetables and fruits, powdered milk, pepper, salt, dried meat, tomato sauce, various kinds of pasta, dried beans, and peanut butter. Just make sure your options are not meals that can get spoilt easily.

Keep the Meals in the Right Place

The subject of keeping your survival food in the right place is about having good emergency storage and keeping the storage pack in the right space. Speaking of keeping the special storage pack in the right place, the location should be:

Rid of Pest

The last thing you want is rodent infestation on your precious stockpile of survival food. So, you are strongly advised to keep the storage pack in a place that is free from pests and rodents.

You should pay particular attention to this if your intended location is the basement and areas that are usually susceptible to rodents and pests.

Just so you know, you can make use of bay leaves in preventing these unwanted organisms from items like flour, beans, and rice.

A Place Free from Moisture and with the Right Temperature

Many food items and pharmaceutical products do not do so well with moisture. This is why manufacturers invest heavily in machines such as vacuum chambers to suck out moisture and oxygen.

In the same vein, your storage location should not expose the survival food and its storage pack to moisture. This is so that you do not have your essential food items getting spoilt.

A Place with Good Ventilation

Some items need some degree of ventilation to stay intact. For such items, you need a location that is not stuffy.

Use the Right Storage Pack

This is one of the most important things for people dealing with emergencies. These people cannot afford to use inappropriate storage equipment.

There are many options in the market. However, whichever option you make use of has to protect your survival food from rodents and pests, oxidation, and moisture. For more on this subject, you can visit:


In this article, we have briefly addressed the subject of food storage during an emergency. Once again, we strongly advise you to take these tips seriously when the need arises. This will ensure that your stockpile of meals is not spoilt because of improper care.

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