5 Tricks to increase your personal injury claim

your personal injury claim

Personal injuries are horrible. You have the pain to deal with, then the recovery period, as well as being unable to work and accumulating debt. All of this – and it is from an injury that was never your fault in the first place!

So, what do you do? You contact the your personal injury claim attorneys at Albrecht Law and get the experts on the case. Once they are on it, do the following things to avoid ruining your chances of a large cash pay-out.

The 5 tricks to increasing your personal injury claim

Without further ado, here are the five things we suggest you do, to stay on top of your your personal injury claim.

1 – Go to the ER

As soon as the accident or injury happens, you need to go and seek medical treatment. An ongoing report from the doctor will help solidify your claim. You should attend all medical appointments, therapies, or psychotherapies, as needed. You should be sure to check for mental health problems resulting from your injury too, as all of it can be counted.

2 – Do your Research

If you do the right research, you can aid your attorney in building your case. Go to the scene of the accident, look for witnesses and take photographs. Ask your work colleagues or those who were with you at the time of your injury to give statements – record everything possible. Do your research to give the court a clear impression of your case.

3 – File Fast

Your personal injury claim in the Washington area have a time limit on them. In the state of Washington, this statute of limitations is 3 years. If you have not filed by then, you are not allowed to. The key here is to file your personal injury claim before the three years is up. This statute is hard on those who have suffered mental health problems in the past but does protect people from historical damages that are hard to prove. 

4 – Do a Full Accounting

If you are given a low offer to keep you out of court, you need to explain why it is not good enough. This means doing a detailed full accounting of everything that your injury has taken away from you. The costs can be to your physical health, mental health, emotional damages… It can include your time, lost working hours, any profit you might have made in your spare time, and the value of your time spent recovering. Add it all up and stand your ground. A better offer will be forthcoming.

5 – Be Cautious

Some opposition insurers in Washington will try to trick you into doing things to prove you are capable. For example, having an interview on the second floor and closing the elevator for the day to prove you can walk up and down stairs. Be wary of this. When in enemy territory, do not do so much as open a door for yourself… anything you do can and will be held against you in a court of law.

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