A Guide to Find the Best Ceramic Car Coating Service

Ceramic Car Coating Service

If you love your car, you need to give it the best protection. Ceramic coating is the best protection for your car’s paint.  It offers an additional layer of protection to the car’s paint which is not washed away easily.  

To give your car the best protection from weather elements and UV radiation, you need to select the best ceramic car  coating service.  Here is a guide to selecting the right ceramic coating service for your car. 

Trained Applicators

Ceramic coating is applied by hand. Hence, the coating services must have trained people for the job. Ceramic coating is an essential activity for every car owner, and there is no substitute for a quality application.  

Several programs train professionals for correct and productive application of the coating. When trained persons work on the job, they can deliver the highest possible product quality level, which is real value for money. 

SGS Certified 

SGS is a leading certification service that ensures the service provider offers products and services compliant with Australian and international regulations and standards.  An agency with SGS certification has gone through the inspection, verification, testing processes successfully to get SGS certified. It ensures the service provider stands for delivering the best quality service and products to its customers. 

Free Demonstration and Quote

Many car owners are curious about car ceramic coatings and don’t know what it is all about. The coating service should offer a free demonstration to car owners interested in getting a ceramic coating for their car. The staff should explain all processes in detail to the car owner to increase their confidence in the product. 

The car coating service should also offer a free quote without any car owner’s obligation to apply ceramic coating to their car. 


The coating service should maintain transparency in all its dealings. The quote should mention all applicable service charges and leave nothing for speculation. The coating service should provide details of all charges, along with a description of the work that will be carried out.  If the customer desires, they can witness the entire detailing process of their car.  

Flexible Packages

A Car ceramic coating service is a broad service category. It includes several other services needed to make your car look new. For example, the coating service should offer separate packages for new and used cars.  Some coating packages include protection for the paint, interior, alloy, leather, fabric, and glass. 

The coating service should offer flexible packages and allow customers to choose the best package for their car as per their car’s needs and budget.

24×7 Customer Support

The coating service should offer 24×7 customer support to help its customers. If the service provider does not offer day-long live agent support, it should allow customers to leave a query or complaint through a web form, and the coating service should contact the person at the earliest possible. 


As mentioned earlier, the ceramic coating does not get washed away with car washes. The coating service should offer a warranty on the ceramic coating applied to the car. The staff should spend some time educating the customer on how to take care of the car after the coating is applied, so the warranty stays intact. 

To sum up, these are some of the things to focus on while selecting a ceramic coating service for your car. 

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