Top reasons why AngularJS is the most popular framework

Welcome to the programming community! AngularJS framework belongs to a modern type of frameworks that allows you to organize an integrated approach to solving many problems that are located in a particular project. Thanks to the support of this software, the developer is able to split the application into several components or JavaScript files. When choosing the optimal framework, many factors are taken into account that can affect the final result and the strategy of interaction of all components of the website creation process.

Before I start telling you the top reasons why to choose Angular, let me go a bit deep into Angular’s history. The framework was developed not so long ago, in 2009 by Brat Tech LLC, as software for storing JSON data. Angular was then released as an open source library. Google employees are constantly working on the project. In 2012, the search engine released a special plugin for Google Chrome – Batarang. It facilitates the customization of applications that are written in the framework. In 2014, development began on the second version of Angular, which is mainly aimed at developing mobile devices. Official site is

As I mentioned before, Angular is developed by Google programmers. When the choice falls on a certain framework, then the hopes are relied on that it will be supported by the developers and will develop further. In this case, you can be calm, since the project is being developed by real professionals with many years of experience in this field.

Basic concepts and features of the framework

In order to highlight the clear advantages of the software, I will define the features of AngularJS:

  • the modern framework allows you to expand the existing HTML vocabulary by creating new directives, and in the future organize the user interface using the DSL language, which is based on HTML;
  • bi-directional linking process and regular automatic updates remove the tedious part of the work associated with redrawing the existing interface or constructing standard functions from the developer;
  • optimal mechanism of standard templates, which does not impose any restrictions on the JavaScript code;
  • the declarative way of defining the user interface helps in getting clear and concise code.

It is worth noting that the functionality of the application is provided by a simplified jQuery library – jqLite, which will allow the user to use any mechanisms in managing the DOM tree. The origin of the library was necessary to simplify the process of managing the DOM tree, therefore, its capabilities include traversing structural elements of documents, playing animation components, processing data or events, performing any interactions using Ajax mechanisms. This is the difference between the library and AngularJS, since this software is a framework that allows you to manage all aspects of Web 2.0 application development. The concept behind AngularJS and jQuery is different, but AngularJS is the preferred choice for creating a universal modern web application.

Top reasons to choose AngularJS and why it is the most popular framework

In developing an optimal web browser, the main aspect is a competent and comprehensive approach to managing the existing mechanisms and structural elements, which will allow you not to waste time and create convenient user interfaces in a short time. Today there are a number of significant reasons that determine the relevance of the AngularJS application for modern work on building browsers.

  • Data-binding or persistent data exchange

With built-in updates to the internals of AngularJS, the developer gets summary information without the need for careful pre-validation. The relationship between design and user output is one of the main supporting features of AngularJS.

Easy Start Development work begins by installing the angular.js system file. Required items and built-ins can be run as needed as you work with the application.

New Coding Standards Angular.js software does not function with JavaScript elements combined with the DOM library, but with new standards for writing HTML attributes. Thus, a logical separation is achieved between the reproduced content and the semantic load of the application. Such use of less labor-intensive solutions will allow not only to increase the efficiency of creating applications, but also to perform the required tasks with increased productivity.

  • Distinguishing between software and design 

The work of creating a web service is based on the interaction of programmers and designers, but the AngularJS concept defines a new approach that allows you to think through and finish the subtleties of content while the developer constructs the logic of the future application. This mechanism is based on the {{param}} variables.

  • Build Single Page Applications 

Single page applications are in demand because they give the impression of interacting with the standard programs that the user is used to. Using AngularJS, you can transfer the main functionality to the browser without the need to install additional software, which makes the developer’s work easier and faster. In addition, this feature will allow you to easily create hybrid mobile applications.

  • Ready-made solutions 

AngularJS does not have a rigid structure, but it has a certain number of routing modules, such as ui-router or ng-table, ui-grid, by means of which work with tables and graphic elements is simplified. At the same time, a feature of these modules is complete mobility and independence, that is, the components can function autonomously from each other. An example of such an advantage is the Facebook login module, which can be applied simultaneously on different pages: at checkout or on the homepage.

  • Useful Elements

AngularJS is a useful application for building web pages as it has a number of forms to optimize the developer’s work. Error handling is done using built-in validators (ng-minlength, required, ng-required, ng-pattern, etc.), while the user can create individual forms and apply them to individual fields or to the entire project. The built-in FormController captures the state of existing forms, after which, using the information received, the developer can correct HTML elements, translating them into the UI. In addition, there are special filters for formatting and making changes, through which you can enter data into templates and display them on a dynamic page.

  • Parallel work

Parallel work of AngularJS provides an opportunity to develop a project by a group of programmers, since the modular concept allows you to disassemble the project into elements and combine them in the desired sequence. Moreover, each of the modules is applicable in other projects. Demand and popularity The popularity of AngularJS is a significant factor in creating groups of like-minded people and users, which helps beginners understand the intricacies of functioning and use. Developer Tips – Online help from people with the skills to create many projects based on an AngularJS application. It’s no secret that the software was developed by representatives of one of the most popular search engines Google, which speaks of the professionalism and approach to the application. Each user, purchasing a framework, counts on regular innovations and improvements, through which he will be able to improve his skill level and perform work more quickly. AngularJS, in this context, refers to provisioning that keeps pace with its technologies and new developments. 

Summing up, I would like to note that due to the autonomy of the constituent modules, it is much easier to load elements and perform testing in automatic mode, and this eliminates the need to remember the order of the processed files. Thus, AngularJS is the optimal framework through which to create convenient single-page web applications for both developers and potential users.

  • Reducing the time spent on the process of writing code

Every web developer appreciates his time like no one else. Using this framework allows you to write the required code faster. For example, Angular binds data by default.

  • Using html5 to add and create new functionality

It is the new html5 standards that are used. As a result, a separation is created between the files that display the content and the application logic itself.

Getting started is as easy as shelling pears. Want to get started with Angular? Then you just need to include the angular.js file, which has all the basic functionality you need. Additional tools are divided into separate modules, which can be connected if necessary.

  • Separation of software and visual parts

The information that Angular displays on the screen appears through the {{param}} variables and while the logic is being developed, the visual part can be modified by the designers.


To sum everything up, in the end of this article I want to add that AngularJS has a huge developer community. This is due to the popularity of the framework. There are a large number of forums where you can get answers to your questions about the framework. 

So, these were the top reasons why you should choose AngularJS for your development. Thanks for your interest and all the best on your programming path!

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