When To Use a Tractor Versus a Skid Steer

Tractor Versus Skid Steer

Few farmers can imagine life without both a skid steer and a tractor. There are many situations where a skid steer is more effective than a tractor, but the following situations call for your favorite tractor. Find answers to “What loader fits my tractor?” and other questions you may have about using a tractor versus a skid steer. Don’t settle for a machine that isn’t suited for the job, but use both pieces of equipment to get the job done. Let see When To Use a Tractor Versus a Skid Steer.

Heavy Loads

Skid steers have an impressive weight capacity for their attachments and for hauling equipment. At the end of the day, however, you can’t beat the pure horsepower of a tractor. Hauling heavy loads requires a heavy engine, dependable hydraulic system and an oversized bucket or other attachment. Tractors pull ahead of skid steers in these features, making them a better option for heavy-duty hauling on your property or jobsite.

A tractor is also capable of using a larger bucket. If you’re working on a landscaping project around your home or as part of your job, a tractor bucket makes the job much easier and faster. Take full-sized scoops of dirt, gravel or stone fill and dump them exactly where you need them. A skid steer may be more nimble, but the smaller loads can really add up.

Extensive Farming

Plows and other farming implements are designed for tractors. Choose a tractor with the latest John Deere tractor attachments for plowing fields and cultivating the land. Larger plows, harrows, planters and other farming equipment need a full-sized tractor. Some projects around your home and barns may be better tackled with a skid steer, but when it comes to your work in the field you need a tractor.

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Skid steers are best left around your property. They are great tools to pick up palettes and small loads around your buildings. A tractor doesn’t have the same maneuverability as a skid steer, so swap machines as you take on projects away from your open fields.

Ground Clearance

Tractors are larger than skid steers, which means they have significantly more ground clearance. A skid steer with tracks can still manage to maneuver through many off-road conditions. Tractors, with their oversized tires and higher clearance, have the advantage in a muddy, rocky or hilly situation.

Because of the high clearance and large tires, your tractor also has a higher reach with its bucket and other attachments. If you’re trying to load a trailer, a skid steer may not have quite the reach you need. A tractor can pick up overweight items and safely let them down on a trailer to haul to another jobsite or part of your property.

Shop for Quality Attachments for Any Equipment

These are situations where a tractor is a clear winner. There are, however, many other cases where a skid steer can perform the job better. Shop online to find a huge selection of attachments for all of your equipment. Whether you’re looking for a new tractor bucket or a skid steer plow attachment, keep all your equipment ready to handle any project.

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