Most people find it challenging to maintain their homes in perfect condition. Some clean their living spaces once a week. Others don’t care about maintaining it and have tons of repairs. The struggle to keep your home well-maintained is real. Few tips on HOME RENO 101 and FIVE QUICK HACKS TO UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN.

Are you tired of living in your old home where faucets are leaking, and paint is wearing off? Then why not give your home an upgrade and start with renovating your kitchen first. Since wear and tear are inevitable, especially in the kitchen, it is the most’ high-traffic’ and ‘used’ place.

Besides being the hub of all activities, the kitchen is the house’s hotspot, from cooking up meals and having heart-warming conversations with family to hosting dinners. Therefore, you have to be quick with the renovation process. Instead of remodeling the entire kitchen, consider making minor changes. You can modify the cabinets, get new crockery, or invest in new appliances to make the kitchen look visually pleasing.

While enhancing the aesthetic appeal, focus on the kitchen’s functionality. If you are running short of ideas or need suggestions on kitchen renovation, have a look below.

Here we are unfolding five quick hacks to upgrade your kitchen:

1.    Install New Cabinets

Usually, people repaint the cabinets to give a modern look to the kitchen. But when it comes to upgrading it, you have to bid goodbye to old kitchen cabinets. Look for unique and trendy designs that align with your kitchen theme and start the installation procedure. Since these cabinets are crammed with dishes, cutlery, and appliances, emptying them can create a mess in your house. Thus, look for a place to store these items until you get new cabinets installed.

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If you are residing in Texas, you can easily findin Carrollton self-storage facility that will meet your needs.The climate-controlled storage units with cameras will ensure that your items will be kept safe and secured.It will eliminate the chances of fragile items like your china set, dinnerware, and glasses getting damaged during the renovation spree while keeping the rest of the house clutter-free.

2.    Add Floating Shelves

Do you have empty walls in the kitchen? If yes, consider adding some open shelves or floating shelves. It is a smart way to flaunt your beautiful glassware, delicate cutlery, and antique collection of silverware. Likewise, you can hang some pots and pans on the wall in a symmetrical order. In addition to freeing up cabinet space, it can elevate the look of your kitchen.

Also, don’t forget to add sculptural or minimal brackets for an extra elegant appeal. Moreover, you can also install roll-out shelving in the kitchen. They have a delicate design and incredible functionality.

3.    Splurge On Stainless Steel Appliances

Although it sounds like an added expense, new appliances can make your kitchen feel newer. Prepare a list of devices and categorize them according to your needs. After all, investing in a microwave is more crucial than getting a coffee machine. If you already have essential appliances, feel free to spend on high-tech machines. In case you need help with cooking, get your hands on an instant pot. It connects to the internet, letting you operate the device through a cellphone.

Similarly, you can invest in an automatic pan stirrer to avoid the hassle of stirring food consistently. In addition to giving a contemporary look to the kitchen, they boost functionality. However, if you are on a tight budget, wait for the seasonal sales to grab smart appliances at discounted prices.

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4.    Replace Hardware & Fixtures

Rusty faucets, cabinet knobs, and drawer pulls can ruin the look of a newly renovated kitchen. Therefore, don’t forget to upgrade the kitchen hardware. You can warm up the finishes with a brass option in a sleek and modern shape. Likewise, change your outdated kitchen faucet with a new one. It will give a contemporary look to your kitchen without costing a fortune.

Furthermore, get new lighting fixtures for the kitchen. You don’t have to spend on an exclusive chandelier, but some pendant lightings above the countertops would look good enough. Alongside this, you can also install spotlights in the cabinets to show off pretty display pieces.

5.    Refresh The Walls

Even though new cabinets are bringing are back your kitchen’s shine, you still have to refresh the walls. It will help you eliminate all stains and discoloration, giving a cleaner look to the kitchen. If you want something unique, brighten it up with a new color on the walls. You can opt for refreshing white or a dramatic shade like yellow, anything that complements your kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, you can add a subtle backsplash on one of the walls to complete your kitchen upgrade. HOME RENO 101:FIVE QUICK HACKS TO UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN


Renovating the kitchen is pretty exciting since it is the place where we spend most of our time. Thus, you have to be super careful and particular since functionality is the primary concern while upgrading your kitchen. From storing your exclusive kitchenware to the latest kitchen appliances– use your creativity to update everything. Even if you are on a budget, minor changes can significantly make a difference in the kitchen and look luxurious.

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