Where Do Dispensaries Get Their Weed?

Where Do Dispensaries Get Their Weed

Cannabis consumers tend to purchase weed from dispensaries, and all they want is two things –

  • A lot of weed for a minimal price
  • High-quality weed that produces a stronger and focused high.

Obviously, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy weed. Regardless of whether you prefer cheap or high-end weed that tastes better and gives you a better high, you should ask yourself  – Where do dispensaries get their weed?

Not all dispensaries grow their weed with a passion for purity. Some may use pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the process, whereas others stick to organic methods. Different extraction methods give a different flavored product.

The way you consume cannabis to enjoy the high need not change. But a few clicks while you shop online can ensure that you are getting the best and purest weed for your needs.

Why Does it Matter Where Dispensaries get Their Weed?

The way weed is grown affects the purity, aroma, price, and effect it has on the consumer. Let’s have a look at how these aspects affect the quality of weed.


The purity of weed refers to its cleanliness. If the producer uses harmful chemicals, these chemicals can, in some cases, find their way into the final product. This will considerably affect the quality and taste of cannabis.

A mandatory pesticide testing in Colorado revealed that traces of pesticides were present in a significant percentage of commercially available cannabis. When you choose a dispensary, ensure that they avoid using harmful chemicals.

Find a dispensary you can trust, and enquire how they grow their weed.


For cannabis to have the right flavor, the cannabinoid and terpene ratios have to be right. The cannabinoids control the strength of the strain, and the terpene influences the taste. Intelligent methods are necessary to ensure a sound flavor profile and preserved color.

Ask your dispensary or grower if they use organic methods and if they care about the flavor profile as much as they do about THC levels.


Different dispensaries charge a different price for their cannabis. This is due to their different growing methods. Some strains of weed cost more because of the high quality and rarity, whereas some cost more just because they cost more to grow.


Even if two dispensaries offer the same weed, it’s not necessary that they are the same. The growing methods may vary. Small changes in the growth can lead to significant changes in the strength and the high it provides.

Find a grower that cares about educating you and stick with them. They will help you find great strains and products.

How do Dispensaries Stock Their Shelves?

Dispensaries source their weed in different ways. Just with a few clicks or by asking a few questions, you will know where the cannabis is sourced from so that you can be worry-free about its quality.

Most dispensaries turn to commercial growers to stock their shelves. This gives them lesser control over the growing methods.

How do Dispensaries Stock Their Shelves

Since you are spending your hard-earned money on this, head over to your dispensary and enquire about their growing methods. You deserve the best quality cannabis from the dispensary, and this can start with knowing where they source their weed.

Manyonline weed dispensaries grow their own cannabis and can therefore ensure a high-quality, pure weed. That meansavoiding the use of pesticides and synthetic chemicals to grow marijuana. They can also grow strains that are not generally availableon the market.

Cheers to a Better Bud and a Better High

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