Unique Scottish Cottages to Visit while on Holiday in Scotland

Unique Scottish Cottage

Holidaying in Scotland can be a beautiful experience, especially when you are lodged in a unique Scottish cottage with lovely facilities.

A holiday is that period you set aside be free of busy schedules that take your entire day and just rejuvenate. How you spend it will however determine the quality of experience you’ll have.

Most people on holiday in Scotland are usually searching for a nice place to spend quality time and possibly at an affordable cost too. You cannot possibly claim to have holidayed in this historically rich country without spending time in a unique Scottish cottage that opens their doors to visitors.

Since this should be part of any Scottish vacation, one of the main things you should therefore try to sort out is how to locate the unique Scottish cottage in the different locations you may visit.

In this article, we will try to make this easy for you by listing some locations you may want to check out on your next visit.

Some Recommendations to Consider

Below are some cottages that come highly recommended.

Croft 103, Durness

This lodge was built with a local stone and insulated with rubber tires and wools. This very spacious and stylish abode is not just immensely appealing but also very eco-friendly as power is provided by a windmill and solar panels. While in this cottage, you will have a spectacular view of dramatic clouds whirling above almost like what you see in the movies. It is a place you definitely need to be. 

Whitefalls Spa Lodges, Lewis

This one is a pair of cottages built with wood. They are among the few luxurious properties you can find on Lewis Island – and yes, they are the only ones with spas. The Spas are located at the heart of the respective lodges.

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In this beautiful lodge, you will find spacious bathrooms that have their windows looking out the moorland. They also have a whirlpool bath ideal for two people, an infra-red enabled sauna, a rain shower and different massage rooms for treatments when a therapist is around. This is definitely an ideal option for honeymooners.

Lodges at the Mains, Inverness

Just 10 minutes away from Inverness airport, it is definitely the best getaway for a short break or quick weekend in a rural area that is not completely remote. Sited on a working farm, the twin double-storey eco-lodges are built with untreated larch that has been warmed through a heat-pump mechanism and properly insulated with sheep wool and cellulose to keep them regularly cozy.

From the outside, the view is a nice while from the inside, you can look over the forest which at the rear and the farmland which is to the fore. There’s also a decking and a balcony, both of which are above the small lochan. You can view feathered creatures from the lodge’s bird hide which affords you a clear and elevated view.

Beach Bay Cottage, Isle of Lewis

This is among the most spectacular and beautiful beaches in Scotland. It is certainly a good place to consider if you want to have a nice holiday. The beach is less than 100 yards from the cottage door which makes it directly accessible. You’ll also find the popular Ardroil Beach a short distance away. If you don’t know much about the Ardroil Beach, you may want to learn about it here.

Inside, you will find an open living room and a dining area which gives you a 180-degrees clear view of the beach. It also has a double infrared sauna for two people and a stone patio. The en-suite master bedroom is spacious and there are two other rooms with a family bathroom in case you have company.

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The Longhouse, Isle of Skye

This is a white, four-bedroom lodge with a nice architectural design that makes it unique. It has very clean interiors and gives you a beautiful view of Canna, Barra and Rhum. Get this; you will get your own drinking water from its spring as it has one. The cottage is surrounded by a beautiful woodland found on the west of the Sleat Peninsula and popularly called ‘Garden of Skyes’ because of its well-known beauty and fauna. 

This is one of the luxurious self-catering cottages in Scotland and with its four bedrooms, two bathrooms, large dining room and kitchen, you are sure to find it pleasurable when you want to vacation with the family or friends.

The above are just a few recommendations to get you started. There are of course other factors that come into play when it comes to planning a vacation. To see some tips on how to make your holiday memorable, you can check here: https://www.tourradar.com/days-to-come/how-to-enjoy-a-vacation-6-ways-to-make-the-most-of-your-holidays/.


If you are in Scotland and you haven’t been to any of the cottages in this article, then you certainly need to give one of them a shot on your next holiday. Every single one of the lodges you’ve read about here will make your holiday a memorable one certainly wanting an encore.

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