How gambling grew online

How gambling grew online

Gambling has been going on since the beginning of time, it has continued to evolve from the beginning of time till now based on legislation, and also technology, that is how gambling grew online.

Betting parlors and casinos have been in existence for hundreds of years, with people having looked to play cards, dominos and other games of chance for many different reasons. Some went simply looking to kill some time for entertainment and enjoyment purposes, while others were looking to make some money — but possibly doing the opposite. And then there were others that were just looking to simply disconnect and disengage from their daily life, in search of camaraderie and friendship, connecting over similar interests.

So it’s no surprise that as technology evolved, so did gambling. In fact, once the Internet and connectivity to it began to increase in popularity, casino, poker and sports betting sites soon followed. It was quite a relief for many gamblers, as some of them had to drive hours and hours to their nearest casino, whereas now all they needed to do was simply open up their computer, connect to the Internet, download some software and they were good to go.

And that’s why gambling grew online so fast in the early 2000’s. The framework for this growth came in 1994, as the Free Trade & Processing Act, which was passed in Antigua, allowed companies to obtain licenses to open online casinos. And while it took a bit of time to really take hold, the dot com boom resulted in a surge of users on the Internet. Connectivity increased, but so did wealth, as the dot com boom made some individuals wealthy — quickly.

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That all set the stage for online poker, casino and sports betting. This type of action grew like wildfire, because suddenly, people realized they could enjoy all that gambling has to offer at any hour of the day. They didn’t have to travel long distances to casinos or poker rooms, and they could even wager just a few dollars if they chose. Not only that, they didn’t even necessarily have to get dressed to do so. They could grab a soda out of their refrigerator, fire up their modem, turn on their computer and begin betting — in a matter of minutes.

And that’s really what helped online gambling grow so quickly: ease of use. Suddenly, all casino-experts needed was a modem, computer and a few bucks, and it was all at their fingertips.

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