Homeostasis And The Endocannabinoid System

Endocannabinoid System

Life is so much more than just going to the gym 5 days a week, starving yourself of sweet treats or luxuries for fear of gaining a few pounds you are most likely going to lose the next day because you practically live at the fitness center, or popping multivitamins on the daily.

While this is isn’t the ‘be all end all’, it can be a starting point to your fitness and health journey. See some tips herehttps://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/fitness-beginners-guide#1  on beginning a new chapter and lease on life for the better, because when you look better you feel better.

I used to think that if I kept reasonably fit and active, ate green leafy vegetables with each meal I was good to go, but oh how I was wrong. I turned 30 and it seemed that only a few months after the celebrations had died down my body shifted into a lower gear. The joints became stiffer, the back was aching on the regular, and life felt like a struggle.

This wasn’t me, I had been sporty my whole life even while pregnant and after, so why all the inflammation or chronic pain episodes, it was a like a twisted joke. My girlfriends who didn’t lift a finger or who would die if they broke out into any form of sweating seemed to breeze through the year with no issues whatsoever.

A change was needed.

This time around when it came to being ‘fit’ I decided to try things the other way around, from the inside out. Yes, vitamins were still on the list along with the morning coffee (this will never be off the list till the day I die), but I needed something extra. I’d heard about a new product on the market that was getting rave reviews and began the research process.

CBD products were increasing in popularity and I could see why, being all-natural and harvested if done correctly with no chemicals and pesticide-free, this sounded perfect for what I was looking for.

A fuss-free product I could easily implement into my current lifestyle without the added stress of needing to read ingredients labels each time for fear of poisoning. This may just be the answeryou have been looking for, check out Cheefbotanicals for a quick look at products that could not only benefit your life but give you the chance at a life worth living, pain-free.

When the body is working in harmony, the functions are regulated and managed, and with CBD and how its components react within the body, it restores order and prevents irregular outbursts of pulses in seizures, and creates a sense of well-being.

Endocannabinoid System

CBD and Your Endocannabinoid System.

If you are like me when I first started looking into CBD and its effects and get scared by all the large words and medical jargon being thrown around then fear not, I am here to simplify explanations as best I can.

CBD has many success stories showing that because it activates many biological pathways that have therapeutic effects, by binding to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body (non-geek version explained in this link), it works hand in hand with the endocannabinoid system to create internal homeostasis.

Treating simple to more complex symptoms, CBD is taking the world by storm. The major perk when using CBD is that it is safe to use for young people, the older generation, and even our furry family members, a win-win all around.


When we talk about homeostasis we refer to our internal workings being regular and stable, irrespective of the situations around us in the outside world, when we react to an extreme situation and it becomes too much our bodies go into survival mode and well-being is disrupted.

Having taken CBD in many forms over the past few months now, whether it be gummies for a mid-day pick me up and anxiety reliever, or a slice of homemade ‘experimented’ cake infused with CBD oil, the main objective for me was to use a product that didn’t consist of 60% chemicals with names I couldn’t pronounce.

I wanted a natural product, and I couldn’t live my life without it now, if you’ve tried everything else, you have nothing to lose, try CBD.


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