Popularity of slots explained with 5 simple reasons


Online slots are everywhere these days; they’re on websites (online casinos), and they are apps that can be downloaded to mobile phones and tablets. In essence, even if you haven’t played online slots yourself, you’re sure to have heard of them. You might even be curious about the popularity of slots are and why so many people enjoy playing them.

If you already play, you’ll understand at least some of the reasons for the popularity of online slots at Slots Baby, but you might not know them all. Read on to get a better insight into exactly why people play, why these games are popular, and what that might be saying about your own personality and psyche. 

The Win Potential

Some people only play slots for the fun of it. Some, however, are much keener on the winnings, or potential winnings, that a slot can offer. The whole point of most gambling is to win a profit back on your original stake, and although slot games are often considered a lot more fun than more ‘serious’ casino games like poker and roulette, at the heart of it all is still someone willing to gamble their money in the hopes of winning at the end of the game. 

So one of the reasons why online slots are so popular is that there is a reasonably high chance of winning at least your stake back, and sometimes more than that. It’s all down to the RTP (return to player) percentage of each game. The higher this percentage the more chance there is of winning, and that is why slots are so popular. They have some of the highest RTPs in the online casino world, and when you compare slots to those other games it’s clear to see why people are choosing slots. 

Amazing Graphics

Modern technology has changed the way we live in oh so many ways. No matter where you look or which direction, something will have been improved by the addiction of technology, and nowhere is that more evident that online slot games

Firstly, they’re online. That may sound obvious, but if you think about it, it was less than 30 years ago that online slots would have been the stuff of science fiction. Now, they’re everywhere with scores of different online casinos to choose from. But that’s not the only thing that technology has made better when it comes to playing slots. They also look incredible now. The graphics are so advanced that it can often feel like you’re watching a movie or some kind of impressive animation rather than playing a simple slot game on a website or through an app. These graphics make playing the games a lot more interesting, and they also set each one apart from the next.

Plus, there are continuing advancements when it comes to these graphics now. The idea of 3D gaming is now becoming widespread, for example, turning these already great looking slots into something truly amazing. 

Exciting Bonus Games

Bonus games have been around for a long time now, but despite that they are still something that people love, and one of the reasons why slot games are so popular. A standard slot game will be fun to play for a little while. You’ll spend some money and watch the reels turn and you might win something back. Or not. However, that’s all it is and all it does, so you could quickly decide online slots aren’t for you. 

This is not the case if you play a slot with a bonus feature or bonus round. These rounds give you an added level to the game, and they offer a higher chance of winning on top of this. The bonus rounds will stick to the theme of whichever slot you’re playing, but they won’t necessarily have anything to do with the reels you’ve been playing. It doesn’t really matter. As long as the bonus games are good fun and ask you to do something different, they will always make a game more popular. 

Play Anywhere

In the far, distant past, slot machines were played in a casino, or maybe in a pub or bar. Then the internet came along as we’ve discussed, and slots could be played at home too. This opened them up to many more people who enjoyed playing in their downtime. After all, online slots are a great way to unwind and relax after a hard day at work, for example. 

Then the mobile gaming apps started being developed and this changed the industry for the better forever. Those people who loved the popularity of slots playing but hardly had any time to do it, or who didn’t have a computer, or who just didn’t have the time when they were at home, could now play slots wherever they were, whatever time, and, with a sensible budget, wouldn’t have any problems either. Playing for 10 minutes here and there throughout the day became a simple and fun task. Slots became universal, and extremely popular. 

Choices, Choices

Something that can’t be denied no matter what your own reasons for the popularity of slots playing might be is the sheer number of different games available. The choice you have when you decide to play is absolutely astronomical, and if you think they’re all the same then it’s time to think again. Just a little time spent playing a few different online slots and show you the wide range that you can pick from. 

There will be something for every player. Those who like the traditional fruit machines will find slots that match up to the image they have in their memories. Those who like something music-themed or movie-themed certainly find something they’ll love. Plus there are many other themes around such as sports, hobbies, food, countries, people, and much more. What’s your favorite thing in the world? Think of that and go to an online casino – you may very well find a slot that matches. 

With so much choice it’s impossible to become bored playing slots. This means that, unlike some games that lose their charm over time, the popularity of slots online will only grow.

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