How to Ship a Diamond Safely

Ship a Diamond Safely

Everything is easier nowadays with the help of shipping companies. The range of places one can deliver is expanding. Not only that but the types of items one can send also varied. Here is how to ship a diamond safely.

But can you ship valuable items like diamonds? What do you need to look out for when shipping jewelry? How to make your package extra secure?

It’s normal to be on the edge when shipping an important package. A lot of fears start to form and everyone wants to avoid the worst-case scenario. Find out more about how to protect your available shipments below.

What to Do When Shipping Jewelry

Shipping a diamond and other jewelry online needs to be safe and affordable. It is also important that one weighs the risks of shipping. There are certain precautions one should take to avoid unnecessary risks.

1.  Choosing a Reliable Shipping Company

Before anything else, you need to trust the company. There are many small and big companies and couriers to choose from. Reading reviews will help determine which shipping company has the loyalty of its customers. 

  • Check if the company has inspection services that investigate criminal activities in shipping
  • See to it that the company has good insurance coverage in case problems occur
  • It helps if there is a designated place where shipments are being sent for pickup
  • Always look for a copy of the receipt upon the deliver

2. Determining Your Budget

Prepare your budget beforehand. The amount you’ll have to pay to ship a diamond, a ring, or jewelry depends on its volume. It also depends on the type of shipping you choose. The insurance you get for the shipment will also affect the total cost.

  • Choose the insurance depending on the value of the package you are sending
  • Look into the delivery method and the delivery time that the shipping company offers
  • You can avail of discounts in shipping companies through corporate discounts

3. Securing the Package

When packing a diamond or jewelry, be sure to layer it well. The more the layers, the fewer chances that the jewelry will get damaged. Bubble wrap is always a good choice as well as adding a box or padded envelope.

  • Choose an appropriate-sized box that can secure the jewelry inside
  • Make sure to pack the jewelry tight to protect it from transit damage
  • Make your package look like it’s not holding something valuable; this is to deter thieves
  • Some companies ask you to sign over the package box and this is a good choice to protect it

Organize the Package Well!

A diamond or any jewelry is at risk if you don’t pack them well. Do your research before you choose any shipping company. Jewelry isn’t only pricey, they are fragile as well. Some shipping companies may charge more than others. But always consider one or more factors before picking a final option.

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