Slot Games with the lowest RTP

Slot Games with the lowest RTP

If Charles D. Fey is up there in heaven somewhere looking down on the current state of the slots industry we would be willing to bet that the grin on his face would be quite literally going from ear to ear. The reason why? Well, Charles D. Fey is widely credited with revolutionising the primordial slots industry back in the late 1800s, making a few tweaks to existing machines in order to create his fabled Liberty Bell slot machine. This was the first of its kind, and gamblers across the state of California were enthralled by their ability to actually be able to win cash on the machines, as earlier slot machines only had prizes that had to be collected at the bar. Just imagine his shock if he were able to see the online slot industry of today – it is absolutely gargantuan for starters! Look at the slot games with the lowest RTP.

But the size of the industry isn’t even the most impressive thing for somebody who has only ever seen physical land-based slot machines. Online slots these days have so many more special features than anyone could ever dream of seeing on a physical land-based slot machine, hence why so many more people are playing online slots in the 21st Century. There is another reason too, namely because most developers are now obliged to disclose the RTPs of their games at, something that doesn’t happen in the land-based casino world. Now, this is big news, mainly because knowing the RTP of a given slot can greatly increase your chances of picking the right game to play. RTP stands for Return To Player you see, and is given as a percentage that will indicate the average return a gambler can expect to see back from his overall stake over the course of a gambling session. If you want to win money you are going to want to hunt for slots with high RTP, whilst forgetting about those with a low percentage. Read ahead for some slot games with the lowest RTP, ones that, by and large, you should try and avoid where possible. 

Sassy Bingo 

Bingo, alongside online slots, is one of the greatest gambling success stories of the 21st Century, so imagine our excitement when the esteemed developer Microgaming announced Sassy Bingo. On the face of it it seems like the perfect synthesis between these two gambling games, and it must be said that it certainly is a very engaging play. 

There is only one problem, however, and that is that Sassy Bingo has a remarkably low RTP, well below the 96% mark that is usually the common average. Unfortunately, therefore, we would advise staying away from Sassy Bingo, as it could have a very detrimental affect on your bank roll, and nobody wants that, do they? 

X-Men 50 Lines 

You would think that with a whooping 50 pay lines X-Men 50 Lines would represent a pretty good shot at winning a large amount of cash, however, unfortunately that doesn’t see to be the case here at all. Playtech are fairly well regarded developers, but with an RTP of around 92% it just doesn’t seem like X-Men 50 Lines can make good on gamblers’ investments. 

There is a lesson to be learnt here as well, and that is that it pays to be wary of online slots that take specific films as vital inspiration. This is because a lot of money tends to go in to obtaining the licence to use the film as a theme, and this subsequently results in the slot not being designed to pay out quite as much as some of the more generic ones. 

Mega Joker 

Now, we really would not blame you for being confused here, because Mega Joker is actually regularly touted as being one of the best online slots in the world RTP wise. And it is too, possessing a ludicrously good 99% RTP at times, however this can also drop all the way down to 76% if you don’t play the game properly, hence our inclusion of it in this list. 

High rollers will be happy, because in order to reach Mega Joker’s RTP potential you have to bet in the highest coin denomination possible. Betting in the smallest coin denomination will take the RTP down to a truly mediocre 76% so you best be careful whilst playing this famous slot from the Swedish powerhouse NetEnt. 

New Tales Of Egypt 

Despite the original Tales Of Egypt having a pretty underwhelming RTP, the guys over at Pragmatic Play decided to press on with the series, with the slot New Tales Of Egypt coming in as a sequel. Similar to its predecessor New Tales Of Egypt doesn’t have the best RTP in the world, however it is an engaging play at least. 

Gamblers just cannot get enough of the Ancient Egyptian theme these days, so it is no surprise that Pragmatic Play decided to make a sequel to the first Tales Of Eypt. It is just a shame they couldn’t make the games pay out a bit more in true Ancient Egyptian style. 

Jackpot 6000 

Jackpot 6000 is another NetEnt slot that has a theoretical RTP of almost 99%, and you may therefore be wondering why we have included it in a list of slots with the lowest RTP. Well, must like Mega Joker, Jackpot 6000 actually has a pretty mediocre RTP if you are not betting with the highest coin denomination, hence its inclusion in this list. 

There is also a problem with the 99% RTP rating here, because it is only really the case if you are skilful enough to navigate the Supermeter bonus feature properly. 

Super Hoot Loot 

With a name like Super Hoot Loot you would have thought that this online slot would be a prime piece of gambling software for jackpot hunters, however as it turns out, it is exactly the opposite that is true. 

IGT have plenty of high paying slots in their arsenal, but this one is a game to avoid.

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