Online casinos cheat: Is there a way?

Online casinos cheat

Fancy learning how to cheat an online casino? Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but how modern Online Cricket Betting ID operate, there’s no real way to cheat online casinos or to manipulate games like online slots at Easy Slots, because they just don’t operate like they used to back when online casino cheats were rife. The individuals who successfully managed to cheat casinos in the past were generally caught cheating and were banned from the casino and some even did jail time for their cheating.  

Back before online slots were controlled by algorithms and random number generators, it was possible to cheat slot machines in land-based casinos and casinos were constantly looking for ways to stop players manipulating slot games and cheating, but finally, technology was the final nail in the coffin for slot cheats. Here are some of the most infamous casino cheats that you don’t want to follow in the footsteps of!

Dennis Sean McAndrew: slot machine cheat 

McAndrew managed to open up the slot machines using advanced (for their time!) technology to manipulate casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He swindled the casinos out of approximately $16 million before being caught red-handed by the FBI in 1998. However, the swindler managed to negotiate a reduced sentence in exchange for his cooperation with police where he revealed how he managed to cheat slot machines so they would stop similar tactics by other players.  

Monique Laurent: Roulette cheat 

The infamous Monique Laurent headed up what was known as the “French Cigarette Pack Scam” which took place in the 1970s in Casino Deauville in France. Laurent was assisted by a rouge roulette dealer who helped her to cheat through the use of an embedded radio receiver which was covertly hidden inside the roulette ball. This meant the ball could be controlled by what looked like a cigarette packet, making the ball drop into the hole Laurent wanted it to. This meant Laurent scammed over $1 million and the scam was the inspiration for many films including the film “Les Tricheurs” – “The Cheaters” 

George Devol: Poker cheat 

Devol is quite possibly the most well-known poker cheat and was always known for being involved in the underworld of gambling, learning card trick scams in his early teens. Devol’s sleight of hand is what led him to become a poker cheat, tricked his way to scamming the casinos out of thousands of dollars. He has no remorse for his cheating, he simply thought the casinos should know better!  

You might be disappointed to discover there is no real way to cheat an online casino, but in fact, you should be relieved, as if there was a way to cheat an online casino, the whole online gambling industry would completely collapse, and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your favourite games or cash in on any winnings at all! Plus, the whole fun and thrill of the game is the anticipation of whether you’re going to be lucky and win, without this, gambling wouldn’t be much fun.

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