3 Renovation Hacks to Beautify Your Home

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Renovating a property gives you the ultimate opportunity to transform it into your dream home. Whether you’re buying a new house or refurbishing your existing residence, a comprehensive renovation can alter the layout, update the décor and create a whole new ambience.

However, a successful renovation requires careful planning and plenty of consideration. While it’s tempting to get to work straight away, rushing ahead with a renovation project can bring a slew of problems further down the line. If you’re intent on creating a home you’re truly happy with, take time to reflect on the changes you plan to make.

Although it’s always tricky to plan a renovation, it can be even harder if this is the first time you’ve taken on such a large-scale project. To ensure you’ve covered every detail, take a look at these three renovation hacks and complete your plan to beautify your home now:

1. Discover your talents

If you want to complete your renovation on time and within budget, consider what tasks you may be able to undertake yourself. If you’ve hung wallpaper in previous properties, for example, this might be something you’re comfortable doing once the project reaches the stage of decoration. Alternatively, if you have experience in the building trade, you may have the required expertise to change the layout of the property and make a bespoke floorplan.

When you’re renovating on a budget, it’s easy to overestimate how much you’ll be able to do alone. Although renovating a property can be fun, it’s also hard work and extremely time-consuming. What’s more, attempting to renovate a property without the required experience or expertise could increase the risk of unnecessary accidents or damage to your home.

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Be realistic about what you’ll be able to manage alone and don’t forget to factor in any time constraints which may hinder your progress. If you have a young family or you work full-time, for example, undertaking renovation works during the evenings and over the weekend could significantly delay the project. By balancing the need to keep costs down with the necessity of having professional input, you can determine which tasks you’re able to undertake and which ones you’ll need help with.

2. Consider functionality

There’s no doubt about it; your newly renovated home should be a sight to behold. With the opportunity to design your home environment from the ground up, you really have the chance to make it your own and cater to your unique tastes.

However, a renovation isn’t solely about making your home look fantastic. It’s also got to be functional, safe and user-friendly. By keeping your family’s needs in mind when you’re planning your renovation, you can ensure that your home will work for you, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

When it comes to functionality, the kitchen and bathrooms are key rooms to look at it. If you want to add electrical sockets or use residential drain relining services, for example, it’s vital to do this as part of the renovation process, rather than once your home is complete. Not only will it reduce your overall costs, but it will ensure your home remains functional and hassle-free for the foreseeable future.

3. Choose the right time

Although some projects can be completed at any time of year, others are best left until good weather is almost guaranteed. If you’re converting your attic as part of the renovation works, for example, this can be done in almost any weather, because the roof of the property will be fully covered while work is on-going.

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If you’re having an extension added to your property, however, you may prefer to wait until the worst of winter has passed. This will reduce the risk of delays and ensure your renovations can be completed as efficiently as possible.

Of course, it isn’t just external factors that what time of year you undertake your renovations. If you have major family events or work commitments coming up, you’ll want to ensure your renovation schedule reflects anything else that may be happening in your life.

Getting Renovations Underway

Renovating a home inevitably means there will be some disruption to your day-to-day routine. Depending on how extensive your plans are, significantly modifying your home could easily take weeks or months. However, you can minimise the impact by planning ahead and considering how much your pre-arranged projects will disrupt your lifestyle. By researching projects in detail and planning ahead, you can ensure that your renovations are streamlined, swift and successful.

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