Life Hacks for Carefree and Stress-Free Lifestyle in 2020

stress free life hacks

It is no secret that most stress is living a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. You may be a minimum wage earner or in the middle-level class (managerial position), yet your earnings are not enough to pay for your lifestyle. Then you asked how can someone achieve a carefree lifestyle. Or maybe you have to shot up in your promotion to earn millions of dollars.

The answer is simple, the secret to a carefree and stress-free lifestyle is not about how much you earn but how much you spend before you earn.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but many of us started calculating how much the expenses are days before we receive our paychecks. This simply shows that you are living a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

How do we correct this lifestyle? Where should we start?

Here are the life hacks for carefree and stress-free lifestyle in the ever-evolving technological world:

Replace binge-watching with sleep

I understand that entertainment in leisure time is important, but sometimes one episode turns to two, then three without realizing that you’ve sacrificed your sleep.

Also, many preferred to binge-watching their favorite TV series through premium subscriptions due to the nature of work. A premium Netflix subscription costs $15.99 per month. That’s an additional unnecessary expense, plus sleep deprivation deteriorates your health. The lack of sleep plays a vital role in rational decision making in life, and it causes stress.

Lastly, when you get proper sleep, your damaged body cells heal faster which will make you look younger.

There is nothing wrong with watching your favorite shows as long as you balance it well with rest. An alternative option is to use a Freeview recorder so that you won’t have to sacrifice sleep and avoid paying the monthly subscription.

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Replace late nights with morning meditation, yoga and workouts too

A broken soul tends to make rash decisions such as buying stuff that you don’t need, just because you want to ease the uneasiness. In the end, you have wasted your hard-earned money to soothe your temporary emotion.

Nothing heals a lost soul than morning meditation, yoga, and workouts. With internal healing, you will always choose to invest in your future.

The people you follow can define your point of view

We love to follow public figures and celebrities on social media. We love seeing their lifestyle, career, and choices in life. Little did we know we have been comparing ourselves to them. Also, we spend too much energy on protecting them from bashers in the comment section. It is affecting your thinking negatively, somehow.

The posts we see in social media greatly affects our point of view in life. You may continue to support their works, but it is beneficial if you follow influencers that provide real value and encourages you to see the good things in life than focusing on negativities.

Always choose to drink water

The famous verse “water turns into wine” is not always beneficial without proper control. When you feel distressed, choose to drink water instead of alcohol. When your partner broke up with you, choose to drink water as well. Always choose water over alcohol as it cost less, and you will avoid hangovers.

Alcoholic drinks were invented for celebrating special occasions, not as a cure for negative emotions. Always choose to drink water as it is beneficial for your health and will help you calm faster. Never underestimate the healing power of drinking plenty of water.

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Take away

A carefree and stress-free lifestyle is a choice to make. It is not something that will come to you as you have to earn it by living it. Always remember that nothing is permanent apart from the emotions you live for the moment. Invest in it wisely.


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