Facts about Ancient Egypt

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The ancient Egyptians had a highly sophisticated and dynamic culture. Their culture was beneficial in helping them make significant advances in construction innovations, religion, writing, and medical practices. They also developed the philosophical or literal dialogue that was later made famous and popular by Plato’s works. Here are some of the other interesting and cool facts about ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Culture

Ancient Egypt had a rich culture that contributed to several innovations and inventions. Ancient culture in Egypt was included in religion, government, writing, and arts. Egyptians also had a culture of placing a high value on personal hygiene. Personal hygiene included bathing daily, brushing, combing the hair, perfuming, and putting on makeup. The ancient Egyptians also invented the toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant in the incense form and breathe mint. Dentistry was also developed during ancient times and physicians diagnosed illnesses by taking a patient’s history. Men and women were doctors and some of the first medical schools and clinics were established in Egypt.

The Eye of Horus

One of the best known and famous symbols in ancient Egypt is The Eye of Horus. It’s also known as the Wadjet. The magical symbol in ancient Egypt is believed to provide health, protection and rejuvenation. The Eye of the Horus was majorly used by both the living and the dead in ancient Egypt due to its powerful powers. The Eye of the Horus is used even today as a symbol of protection by Egyptians. For instance, in the Mediterranean regions, fishermen would paint the symbol on their vessels for protection. Additionally, people wore the symbol as jewelry to protect themselves from the ill-will of the people. Some would also view the Eye of the Horus as a symbol of knowledge, power and illusion.

Egyptians did not ride camels

Camels were not used as a regular means of transport in ancient Egypt until the end of the dynastic age. Instead, they used donkeys and boats as one of the major means of transportation. River Nile flowed at the middle of their fertile land, thus creating a natural and convenient highway. Those who needed to row from south to north were helped by the current while those who wished to sail in the opposite direction got assistance from the winds. The river was also linked to quarries, building sites, and settlements by canals. Light papyrus boats were used to ferry people while huge wooden barges were used to transport heavy stone blocks and grains.

Egyptian Architecture

Ancient Egyptians made huge strides in building and constructing giant pyramids. They also developed techniques in which they were constructed and raised. The pyramids are one of the most recognizable and famous symbols in ancient Egypt. Egyptian architecture is the best known and earliest expressions of their culture that have gone a long way in creating monuments, buildings, and temples. In this present day, engineers still do not understand how ancient Egyptians, moved, erected, and built some of their structures and monuments. Egyptian architecture has inspired many individuals to emulate from their significant advances in building and construction.

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