Signs That Your Roof Needs Replacement

Roof Needs Replacement

Knowing when you need a roof replacement in Leeds is the best way to prevent water damage or other problems associated with a damaged roof. Sometimes your roof gets old and starts having issues. Make sure that you hire a good roofing contractor that can tell you if you need replacement. Replacement can be quite costly so you need the opinion of an expert to ensure you do not spend too much on replacement when you could have just repaired the roof. This company can help you in terms of quality services and professional Roofers Leeds

How do you know when you need a roof replacement in Leeds? Here are some signs to look for.

An Old Damaged Roof

Even with occasional repairs, a roof will get old with time. This is why it is advisable to replace your roof if it is more than 15 years old. An old roof is susceptible to damage because the materials have been exposed to harsh weather all year round. When an old roof gets damaged, the best option may be to replace rather than repair, especially if the damage is extensive. The reason behind this is that repairing may cost less money but you will have to keep doing the repairs once harsh weather hits. It is best to spend more on a replacement but have it be a one-time affair.

Ice Dams On The Roof

These are caused by moisture collecting on the roof and freezing to ice. This often happens if the water on the roof is not drained properly. If you have cleaned your gutters but still have ice dams, you may have poor ventilation. The heat from your house melts the snow then the cold air outside freezes it and causes the ice dams you see. When this happens, the weight from the ice dams and the moisture leaking into the house damages the roof.

Pests In Your Attic


A damaged roof is a great way for animals to get into your attic by crawling in through the damaged parts. If your roofing materials are damaged and leave gaps big enough for pests to get in, you will have a problem on your hands. Pests such as bats can cause the situation to become much worse because their guano and urine will soon damage the inner parts of the roof. It is best to seek a contractor for roof replacement before the situation becomes worse.

Roofing Material Missing

If your roof is made of shingles or tiles and you notice that many of them are missing, you will have to get the roof replaced. This may happen when your roof sustains impact from a tree or if something with substantial weight is leaning on it. The damage is often too much to be fixed by a simple repair and you have to replace the roof.

A good tip for roof replacement in Leeds is to get an experienced and reputable local contractor that can tell you truthfully what the situation is. This way, you will be able to make the best decision and have a durable roof.

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