The Pros and Cons of Electric Trucks

The Pros and Cons of Electric Trucks

A few years ago, supply chain professionals could not imagine using electric trucks for cargo distribution. Although the advancements in the design of electric cars were successful; still, it was hard to convince people to use electric trucks to meet the needs of the global supply chain.

However, later in 2017 when two manufacturers, Daimler and Nikola, announced electric truck, which captured the attention supply chain professionals and truck manufacturers around the globe, started showing their interest. Chances are that many brands will soon catch on to this ‘electric’ trend and start vying for market share.

As people are now looking for electrically powered vehicles to manage rising supply chain demands, many others are also eager to know the pros and cons of this technology. Below we have listed a few of them to ensure you know what electric trucks have to offer.

Pros of Electric Trucks:

Without a doubt, there are plenty of benefits of using Electric Trucks for logistics; here are a few of them:

  • Reduced Emissions:

When most of the world is suffering due to global warming and pollution, electric trucks are showing a ray of hope for environmentalists. Stats reveal that almost 41% of transport activities lead to greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles can help to reduce air pollution significantly. With this advancement, the impact of toxic gases in the environment can be greatly minimized.

  • Lower Cost of Operation:

Cost of operation with diesel trucks for shipping heavy goods stands somewhere around $1.51/mile, whereas, for electric trucks, this cost is reduced to $1.26 per miles. At the same time, the maintenance cost of electric trucks is considerably lower as compared to those running with diesel engines.

  • Get Rid of Noise Pollution:

Noise pollution has now become a rising concern for urban areas. Introduction of electric vehicles is a great step toward solving this problem. As electric trucks run without causing an irritating combustion noise.

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Cons of Electric Trucks:

Well, along with several pros; every technology has some cons; this is also true for electric trucks. Below we have listed a few of them:

  • Range Anxiety:

Electric vehicles have a common problem known as range limitation, and it causes major trouble for vehicle owners. Cargo distribution companies need trucks with higher range and reliable refuelling options. This is still a problem for electric trucks on long-haul journeys.

  • Choice of Trucks:

As there are very limited manufacturers that are developing electric trucks, the operators do not find as many choices while looking to make a purchase. This problem will hopefully be solved in the near future, when other companies start developing electric trucks.

  • Cost of Insurance:

This is a critical issue for the operators at present because very few insurance companies are providing packages to insure electric vehicles. Moreover, the cost of these insurance covers is quite high as compared to traditional trucks.

To solve some of the cons associated with electric trucks, it’s also possible to consider integrating TMS software into the mix, to further support your supply chain needs and become better equipped for the future. Once logistics operators understand the power and benefits associated with embracing the world of electric vehicles, we may find a global supply chain revolution has begun.

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