Things To Know Before Your First Trip To Goa

First Trip To Goa

India has numerous tourist destinations but Goa remains the number one tourist spot for both national and international travelers. Although Goa is the smallest state of India, it has a lot to offer, including rocking nightlife, gorgeous beaches, bustling flea markets, thrilling water sports, architectural landmarks, mouthwatering food, and a laidback and relaxing vibe. 

The state is so much appealing and amazing that a number of tourists desire to know about the property prices in Goa because they either want to settle or wish to buy a holiday home, like well-known celebrities and businesspersons. 

You might have heard a lot of stories about Goa and almost everyone will tell you what to do and what not to do in the state from their experiences. However, this guide will help you know in detail about the exotic location. 

Visit Not-So-Popular Beaches Too

Goa has a huge coastline spreading 160 km. It is also blessed with a range of beaches and almost every beach has something unique to offer. From your friends or other blogs, you must have heard about Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Vagator, Anjuna Beach because they are extremely popular and have the best clubs, shacks, and pubs near them. But they are always crowded with tourists. 

However, the unpopular beaches in Goa are like untouched lands sans any stalls and tourist crowd. If you want to spend a day sitting in a peaceful environment in front of the clear, blue sea, and want complete solitude, you can visit Galgibaga, Ashwem beach, Butterfly beach, Mobar beach, Hollant beach, Velsao, and Kakolem beach.

Also, do not forget to apply sunscreen before visiting the beach because Goa is very sunny and you may get a sunburn. Carry a spare set of clothes as well if you plan to swim. You can wear bikinis and bathing suits on the beach. However, if the beach has red flags, you should not go swimming.

Wide-Spread Food And Alcohol Options

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The state has been a favorite amongst international tourists and this is why you will easily find international cuisines including Brazilian, Arab, African, Malaysian, Chinese, Portuguese, Konkan cuisines. If you like seafood, Goa is going to be heaven for you because of the delectable fresh seafood offered here. You would also like the taste of local cuisine

Apart from food, the alcohol served here is cheap and of good quality. You can also buy booze from 24-hour wine shops and supermarkets located in North Goa. From beer, gin, rum, wine, whiskey, tequila, vodka, scotch, to Feni, you will find it all. Feni is Goan alcohol made of cashew nuts and coconut and has a high alcohol content.

Book Two-Wheelers

The best way to explore this small state is on a scooter or bike. All the roads are smooth and perfect for two-wheeler driving. Local transport in Goa like state buses, Ola and Uber cabs are hardly seen here and so, hiring some type of vehicle is necessary. The private taxi drivers tend to charge a lot. 

Also, you will find bikes, cars, and scooters of all kinds here in good conditions and that too at affordable prices. If you are planning to stay for more days, you can bargain the amount notably and rent the two-wheeler at even lower prices. You must carry a helmet and driving license along with you all the time. The helmet will be provided for free with the rental two-wheeler. Before hiring, ensure to take a test drive to check the two-wheelers condition, brakes, etc.

Be Adventurous And Explore 

Goa offers a variety of water activities like kayaking, jet skiing, scuba diving, banana ride, parasailing, knee-waterboarding, power-scooter riding, etc. You can also experience go-karting and other adventure sports. Furthermore, you can visit meditation centers and yoga retreats as well if you want to calm your mind and body, and have a rejuvenating experience. 

Apart from sand and beaches, the architectural beauty of Goa is also noteworthy. There are numerous temples, churches, museums, spice plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, caves, and forts to see. Moreover, if you visit Goan villages, you will come across old Portuguese-style homes, waterfalls, quaint environment, and paddy fields. 

North Goa is known for its nightlife, clubs, pubs, and wild parties. So, you will find friendly tourists from all over the world dancing in the clubs on groovy music. In the Baga area, you will find clubs almost in every nook and corner. An entire lane is full of pubs playing loud and great music. 

On the other hand, South Goa is more about being on your own and sitting on quiet beaches without much intrusion. The beaches in South Goa are perfect if you want to clear your mind and experience the surreal.

The Bottom Line 

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Goa is a place that can appeal to every kind of person. This is why many travelers decide to stay here for more days, months or even settle here for a few years. The laidback, hippy, welcoming, and friendly culture acts as a magnet for tourists.

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