Spray Foam Safety Standards And Best Practices You Must Observe

Safety Standards And Best Practices You Must Observe

When you want to get spray rigs for sale, it is vital knowing that there are several safety and quality standards you must follow. But you must have a starting point. Your first step should begin with looking for the right spray foam equipment dealer. Settling and working with the right one is not as hard; first, you will need to know their performance or quality track record. Should that not be outright, the internet has your back. You can either visit their website or visit the independent website review sites. Lets know about the spray foam safety standards.

In the dealer’s websites, you can visit their customer review pages, and that should expose you to the honest opinions of their current or past clients. If you need to get spray rigs for sale, the best among dealers will invest in excellent and effective communication platforms. That will help you in getting all the answers you will need whether or not you are a first time user. 

Part of the benefits of their effective communication, coupled with their knowledgeability, will help you understand the following safety and quality standards requirements. 


When looking for generators, it is vital noting that the right one should be able to supply adequate power to all the primary and secondary subsystems. The right dealer will also be knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with different types of generators. Speaking of their experience, it is vital noting that it translates to extended duration dealing with generators as well as training.

To get it right with the generator, it is vital making sure that you get at least 15% more of the exact power you need. That immensely helps in making sure you get enough power in all the subsystems in your rig. 

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Air compressors

There are several elements you will need to be keen on when settling on the right compressor. Starting with, it is vital making sure that your preferred compressor is powerful enough to push air through the entire system. There must be enough air for your transfer pumps, and there should also be enough for your foam spray gun, the breathable system, and the agitator.   

Match your compressor with the air dryer

Another valuable consideration you must make is what kind of air dryer you are using. It is imperative making sure that the air dryer’s cubic feet per minute (CFM) matches that of your preferred air compressor. Settling on a dryer with lower capacity is a sure way of choking your system. You will also need to be keen on the recommended inlet temperature. 

Going for air dryers with relatively lower capacities might still work; however, you should know that they will function only under particular surrounding temperatures. 

Breathable air filter

It might seem inconsequential partly because of its size; but, the breathable air filter goes a long way in ensuring debris or dirt does not flow through the system and eventually shortening the life of breathable air filters. Therefore, the oil coalescing filter must be installed the right way in the air channel. This is before entering the breathable air filtration system. Also, the desiccant style air dryers must not be used in tandem with the filtration panel. 

Fluid supply hoses

Since foam insulation is chemical-based, it is vital making sure that the hoses are lined with nylon. This is motivated by the fact that nylon is resistant to chemicals. Besides the chemical resistance, nylon is also resistant to moisture, which might lead to reactions with the compounds. 


As a foam insulation service provider, it is imperative making sure that your trailer is adequately and appropriately foam insulated. That ensures drum temperature is maintained in the trailer hence preserving the required quality of the chemicals or foams. 

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Safety equipment

Spray foam rigs come with all manner of risks, and as much as you understand how to get everything right, you must invest in the proper precautionary measures. Listed below are some of the safety measures;

  • Making sure you have adequate and protective attire and eyewear
  • Having a fully equipped first aid kit
  • Making sure there are no exposed electrical wires 
  • Fully trained persons must operate the equipment 
  • Investing in fire extinguishers
  • Having an onboard water station 
  • Weight distribution

When purchasing your foam spray rig, you must take into account the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GSWR) and tongue weight. It is vital noting that when getting a custom-built rig, the right dealer will pay extra attention to the weight distribution to help you avoid run-ins with the authorities. 


Depending on where you will be operating, it is vital making sure that the driver has the right license if the complete rig exceeds a certain weight. For example, in the United States, if theGross Vehicle Weight Rating is over 26 000 pounds, the driver must have a commercial driver’s license.


If you need to get spray rigs for sale, it is vital starting by looking for the right dealer. With their expertise, they should help you through the considerations listed above.

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