No Matter the Season – It’s Always the Right Time For Home Improvement

Time For Home Improvement

Your home is probably going to be one of the most expensive investments that you will ever make in your lifetime. It is not only a financial investment but is also a place where your family will feel safe and sheltered and friends will gather to enjoy each other’s company. It is a safe haven from the increasingly stressful modern world. However, a home also requires regular maintenance and improvement. Its always the right time home improvement irrespective of the season.

Each season will bring with its certain maintenance challenges that have to be met in order for the value of the home to be preserved. if it does come time to sell those homes that have been subject to regular maintenance will always deliver a superior return on investment. 

Each season will place strain on the interior and exterior structure and various systems and fittings of the home. In order to ensure that the homestays in pristine shape, there are certain maintenance tasks that will have been undertaken in preparation for both the colder weather of winter – and as the summer days approach.

Let’s first take a look at the most urgent home maintenance tasks that have to be completed as the days grow longer and Autumn signals the approach of winter. 

Firstly, as the weather gets colder is time to take a closer look at external finishes – especially those where more work that requires cement needs to be done. Colder weather and especially frost can affect the structural integrity of cement. If the temperature falls below 3°C there is a very real danger that cement will not set correctly, and the homeowner will be faced with a situation where remedial work will have to wait until the weather warms again. Not completing this work timeously can have knock-on effects that can cause structural damage to the home.

To ensure the best results when painting the exterior of structures most paint manufacturers recommend that their products only be used when the temperature is above 10°C (and that includes while it is drying). In Autumn you may be able to get away with painting when the sun is high in the sky – but you are going to encounter problems in the dead of winter. planning ahead is essential. 

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Before the temperatures start to plummet make sure that you check your heating system in order to ensure that everything is in order. A malfunctioning boiler or leaking pipes should be repaired before in Autumn, rather than when winter is well underway. Remember – the costs of repairs to central heating systems can skyrocket during the winter months – it is better to identify and remedy any problems well in advance of the onset of winter. In fact, it is a very good idea to book a central heating inspection by a professional service provider prior to the onset of winter.

During late summer or early Autumn, it is always a good idea to take a look at your roof insulation. Roof insulation tends to settle and compress over time. It should be a minimum of 270mm deep in order to function properly. If it is not, then it may be time to top it up. The earlier you check and arrange for the top up the better the deal that you will get. Remember, good insulation can mean significant savings on your heating bill. 

Before you know it summer will be just around the corner. This is the time to undertake maintenance in preparation for the long, warm days to come. During Spring there are some essential maintenance tasks that must be undertaken as the harsh condition including high winds, driving rain, snow, and frost may have taken their toll on household structures.

Check your guttering for damage and remove any debris that may have collected them during the winter months. Blocked gutters can quickly lead to water damage to the structure of the home. 

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Fencing may also have suffered damage due to adverse weather conditions or rot. Replace fence posts and repair other damage. It may also be the time to consider complete replacement of wooden fencing with concrete which will save money in the long run. 

The roofing on sheds will often have suffered damage during the winter. Replace the felting (the standard felting supplied with the shed can be thin). Make sure that edges are properly secured. the best way to do this is to use a small batten and nail through this to prevent wind and rain damage to the structure. While on the subject of roofs, check the roof of the main house for damage. High winds may have dislodged tiles and slats. safety is paramount, make sure that you have a good quality ladder. If you are not completely comfortable with the project call in the professionals. This company offers professional roofers and fitters for home improvement services such as Fascias and Soffits Wakefield.

It may also be a good idea to take a look at exterior paint and if necessary, strip and repaint. The sealing of the exterior walls is also recommended.

Maintenance requires an ongoing effort, no matter what the season. With preparation, your home will be able to handle whatever weather conditions prevail. A little forward planning can make a world of difference when it comes to maintaining the value of your property – and assuring the comfort of all who call it home.

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