When do you (necessary) and you don’t (not necessary) need a Workers Compensation Attorney

workers compensation attorney

Should you hire an attorney? Or you shouldn’t? It all depends on the situation you are in. In some cases hiring a Seattle workers compensation attorney could be the best option but if you are in some other state you should go for the attorney local to the laws and regulations of your state. In some cases, it is not necessary to hire an attorney at all. Here are situations where you must hire an attorney to win your case and situations where you can do the job alone.

Situations that do not require an Attorney

Many people believe that filing a worker compensation litigation requires hiring an attorney. This is not entirely true, here are some common cases where you don’t need one at all,

  1. If your injuries are completely related to work than you don’t need to hire an attorney.
  2. If your injuries don’t require extensive medical care.
  3. Lastly, if your injuries don’t involve long periods off from work and don’t result in permanent damages you shouldn’t hire an attorney.

In the above-mentioned scenarios, the insurance company would rarely cause any sort of delay or hindrance in addressing the claim.

Situations that require an Attorney

There are many circumstances where the insurance company would cause trouble with the claims. These situations are better handled by an attorney that has relevant experience in the matter.

In case of a denied claim

Insurance companies have a number of reasons to deny your complaint. Some of them could be that your injury is not work-related or you submitted your claim late. In such situations, it is good to have an attorney who is well versed in legal terminologies and can easily tackle this.

In the case of Pre-Existing Condition

It’s an uphill battle if you receive damage on a pre-existing condition. Insurance companies are most likely to turn the case around by blaming the new injury onto your previous pre-existing condition. The best and simplest example of this is receiving damages on a wound that was healing during work.

If you’re not getting the treatment you need

In cases where there is a delay in payments by the insurance company or denial of further financial assistant you need an attorney to remind them about the binding labor laws and put legal pressure for timely payments and zero denials

If you’re not able to work again

If the injuries caused during work are critical enough to render you unable to work in the future. You will need a heavy worker’s compensation to safeguard your future.


If your case is crystal clear without any obstacles it’s not necessary to hire an attorney. But there are situations where the insurance companies would cause hindrance in paying up. The most common problem that insurance companies create is a delay in payments. Just make sure you are prepared for these situations.

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