How to Increase Conversions for Your E-Commerce Business in 2020

How to Increase Conversions

E-commerce transactions will definitely pick up in the coming months as businesses see the increasing value of selling goods and services online. Indeed, over one billion users have bought a product or service online and this number is expected to increase, according to Statista. With this in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise that business owners will decide to raise their marketing spend as they seek larger shares of their respective markets.

Businesses will be hard-pressed to focus on increasing their conversion rates to sustain their gains and achieve greater growth. However, competition in the e-commerce landscape will become even more relentless given that e-commerce businesses will be focusing more on their bottom lines.

Stay competitive and strengthen your e-commerce business by using this guide to increase your conversions in 2020.

  1. Check your analytics

The first thing you will need to do before you can optimize your ecommerce business’ conversion rate is to check its performance. You will need to know what works and what doesn’t so you can fully optimize your campaign for conversions. Using tools such as Google Analytics, you can gain great insights about your website’s most engaging elements. You might want to focus on those specific web pages that support conversions. Identify what makes these pages so effective. Is it because of the content itself? Or is it because you were able to share them through social media?

  1. Get the right mix of channels

You increase the chance of improving your conversion rate the more marketing channels you use. That said, make sure to choose the channels that bring the best opportunities for your industry. For the year 2020, businesses will be eager to drive more ecommerce sales with PPC. No doubt, they will be spending more on running display ads. On top of that, businesses will also realize the value of video marketing and live streaming, which can be used to upsell products and services. Lastly, email marketing platforms can also provide a powerful way to increase conversions through newsletters, brochures, and promos.

  1. Use engaging content

Of course, any e-commerce business can’t get people to buy or sign up without delivering valuable content. From blog posts to online catalogues to landing pages, it’s important to craft content that grabs the attention of potential clients. It should also include an engaging call-to-action. This requires a lot of A/B testing, but much of your content marketing campaign’s success will depend on quality copywriting and graphic design.

  1. Emphasize customer engagement

Lastly, nothing can influence users more than providing them a platform to review the products they have purchased. Indeed, your e-commerce business needs a reputational boost, so be sure to make it easy for people to leave a comment or write a review that’s valuable for attracting new business. 

The success of your e-commerce business is anchored on raising the number of people who want to transact with you. So, use the tips above and make your enterprise stand out, grow your online sales, and build a strong and loyal following!



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