Schoolies 2021: What Parents Should Know and Understand

schoolies week

Schoolies week is a fun celebration to finally end 12 long years of exams and studies for Australian students. Meaning, this is where secondary school ends. This tradition has been practised for years already and involves school leavers going on a week-long trip with their friends. While most school-leavers look forward to having their Schoolies 2021 celebration, there are still some who aren’t very keen about it and instead focus their attention on saving money and looking for part-time jobs.

For parents, Schoolies celebration may give you some mixed emotions. After all, it’s tough to send your teenager away without your supervision. Although it’s understandable about your kid’s well-being and safety, it’s vital that you find a balance between keeping your child safe and giving them the independence they need. To have a full grasp on the whole idea of Schoolies, here are some things parents should consider.

Why your teenager might join schoolies

The end of secondary schooling is a huge deal among high school leavers. This is the very moment where their journey of 12 long years has finally ended. But this also signals the beginning of yet another milestone of adulthood. Without a doubt, your teenager will want to mark this special occasion.

If your children have put a lot of effort into doing good their 12 years of studying, Schoolies 2021 is something that you should not deprive them of. And who knows, your teenager may have decided to finally move away from home, whether for work, study, or travel. This makes schoolies the best venue for them to spend some special time with their school friends because there’s no telling yet if these friends could meet again in the future.

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Additionally, your secondary school leaver might feel like the world is finally opening up for him/her. Schoolies are an exciting way for them to gain and experience independence, freedom, and adventure.

How to prepare for schoolies week

Preparing for schoolies entails talking, compromising, and negotiating. The early the preparation, the better it is. Planning for it involves a lot of open communication between you and your teenager. Most likely, your child will start dropping hints about the event in Year 11. Thus, making an early discussion with the matter helps a lot.

First up, you need to know what your child exactly wants once year 12 has finally ended. Is your child interested in going for more significant festivals like those in the Gold Coast, or does he prefer joining smaller groups? Share your expectations if you can. There is nothing wrong about saying what you think about these after-school parties, although everything still boils down into one crucial thing: your child’s safety.

If you and your child’s expectations and priorities about schoolies don’t match, work out a compromise. Weigh the pros and cons of other options. For instance, compare significant schoolies events with more private celebrations with only a limited number of attendees. Negotiate your boundaries when you can. Your teenager is getting older, and clipping their wings and setting them free is one way of giving them their independence.

For parents, the thought of allowing their children to join Schoolies may be dreadful and challenging. However, when you discuss the matter with your teenager and respect their opinions and their individualities, Schoolies 2021 might be the right way for them to start going out of their comfort zone and become independent.

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