Inspecting for Storm Damage – Tree Removal in Sydney

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Storm damage is a real and present danger. Sydney is home to a humid, subtropical climate, so it is not exempt from that. The state capital of New South Wales is prone to annual thunderstorms due to its proximity to water. Even suburbs are not immune to the storms. Trees are common in the area, so once there are lightning strikes and high winds, it’s best to find a service that does storm damage and tree removal in Sydney immediately.

The trees around your house give you and your family much-needed oxygen. But when a lightning storm arises, your home is in jeopardy. Once the thunderstorm subsides, ensure that your family is alright, then inspect for any storm damage.

Check if your house is okay

A tree or a big branch may have fallen on your roof. There is also a possibility of winds picking up an indestructible bough and crash landing on your windowpane. Is there a leak up your ceiling? And is that a big loop of cable hanging outside your main door? Secure your house before stepping foot outside.

Check for wire damage – live or otherwise

Once you step out your door, see if there are hanging wires nearby—live wires damage both trees and the internal organs of a person. Do not touch any wire. A slight tap will ensure you an emergency visit to the Westmead Hospital or whatever infirmary is near you.

Also, strong winds can loosen utility wires. So check out any cable that is in close contact with a branch or trunk. If any of your wires touch bark, it’s time to schedule a trim with a professional tree-trimming company in Sydney.

Look at how a tree stands

Trees are the lifeline of nature. But when a tree stands precariously after a storm, it may ultimately fall in the next storm. Fallen trees cause weighty damage to your house or the property of someone else. Worse, it may even land on and injure a person.

It’s best to consult a tree removal company for a particular tree if you feel that there is a need to remove one from your premises.

Search and retrieve broken branches

There are things that you can do after a storm. One of them is looking for broken tree branches and twigs. If there is a follow-up gale, the ones on the floor can be swept away and damage other parts of your house or injure people on the street. So these should be removed immediately.

Depending on the damage, the broken branches of a tree will stress it and cause tree problems leading to its death. Trim any loose branches. If these are too high for you to reach, get a professional service that does storm damage and tree removal in Sydney for better assessment and minimal risks.

Call for a tree solutions company

When the weather is calm, and there is an additional rain forecast, it’s best to call a tree solutions company in your area. Your yard and the trees around you may seem fine. But how sure are you that the next high winds will not damage your trees. Professional arborist services can assess the stability of a tree. They will let you know if your branches need trimming or if they need to remove the whole tree.

Trees do not just give you clean air, but it is also home to dozens of birds such as the Australian magpie, the common myna, the pied currawong, and the Australian magpie. When there is storm damage, they lose their homes too. Protect your home – and theirs, also – from gales and thunderstorms by scheduling tree trimming from time to time.

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