What Size Air Compressor do I Need to Paint a Car?

air compressor for painting cars

The main component of any spray gun is a compressor–a tool that provides air or a combination of pressurized work gas used to spray high-quality paints and lacquers. Modern compressors are much more powerful, more effective, more efficient, and more reliable. Also, if you want to look for other methods of painting your car, simply click here to find out more!

Nonetheless, there are a large number of its varieties that make the task of choosing a compressor to paint a car not trivial, as it requires awareness of its design characteristics and the basic parameters that affect the performance and cost of the system.

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Which one would be the perfect compressor?

Which sort of compressor is required in the garage to paint a car? The response is very simple; devices in the range of 125 to 250 liters per minute that perform.

The actual value depends on the spray gun model, or more specifically, on its ability to absorb the full amount of air. Want more in-depth information? Go here now and check some more opinions and interesting reviews.

In this case, the compressor’s working pressure should not exceed 10 atmospheres, and the power should not be between 1500 and 3000 watts. These devices can run 15-20 minutes per hour. But even a low-power system must have a filter to clean the incoming air from different impurities, including dust and oils.

Mid-level compressors

A piston belt compressor will be the perfect tool for medium intensity paint jobs. Choosing it should take into account considerations such as the average amount of work. The compressor’s capacity must surpass about one and a half times the spray gun’s needs.

Therefore, if the spray gun’s technical characteristics–the consumption of about 300 liters of air per minute–then a compressor with a capacity of 450–600 liters per minute is required. Also, a certain amount of energy is needed since a longer operation of the system without frequent interruptions is guaranteed in this case.

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In summary, a compressor with a capacity of approximately 600 liters per minute can be recommended for painting work in a small workshop, with a working pressure of about 16 bar and a reception volume of 50 –100 liters. With such equipment, individual parts of the body and the entire car can be painted.

It will not be necessary for domestic compressors with a receiver with a volume of 40 to 50 liters and a capacity of up to 250 liters per minute to conduct high-quality, relatively frequent paintwork. Attention should be paid to the efficiency of the compressor control electrical cabling.

High-Level Compressors

There are always strong demands for qualified tools and equipment. There is no exception and device used to supply the compressed air for the painting equipment job. While purchasing the best air compressor for the home garage to paint cars, it’s safer not to concentrate on cost, because it depends on many factors, not always related to the device’s performance and reliability, as well as the quality of the job done. Piston-type compressors, fitted with an air dryer, are the most suitable for skilled use.

With the help of screwdrivers, good results can be obtained, defined by average power. These compressors are distinguished by the reasonable performance airflow efficiency, high reliability, and acceptable energy consumption, which is easy to maintain and has a more compact size compared to their counterparts of the piston type.

Compressor systems with a capacity of about 2.5 to 5.5 kW, with reception volumes of up to 900 liters and a capacity of up to 600 liters per minute are recommended for service stations or car painting firms.

Use Compressed Air Compared to Other Power Sources,

Compressed air outweighs other power sources due to numerous advantages below:

  • User-friendly: Pneumatic devices typically weigh less than electrical equipment. Therefore, the pneumatic instruments are much more ergonomically friendly
  • Cost: In fact, the factor ranks first in all car lovers’ consideration lists. When you pick up a compressed air, then rewards are less than hydraulic or equivalent electrical equipment as the initial purchase cost of air devices.
  • Safety: This aspect is known to be the most beneficial for using compressed air. When you go for compressed air, the risk for an electrical shock is reduced considerably. It makes your painting time safer and more fun.
  • Mobility: Compressed air is usually more versatile than electrical appliances. There are a bunch of handheld air compressors available in the current market. These air compressors are portables and powered wheeled systems designed for mobility purposes.
  • Versatility: Compressed air can be controlled in one piping system, which allows different pressure range uses.
  • Efficiency: compressed air distribution systems appear to be more effortless and less costly to set up, compared to electrical grids.
  • The compressed air system can be adjusted much more efficiently for several points of use.
  • Low maintenance: air tools usually require less downtime and repair compared to hydraulic equipment. Plus, unlike electrical tools, air devices in low electrical voltage conditions do not heat the air tool motor.
  • Reduced risk: Device leakage of air tools does not affect the workplace as do leaks of hydraulic fluids.
  • Cooler running: The compressed air pushes the working heat away during operation, so air tools run cooler.
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An air compressor that has CFM ranging from 14 to 18 is ideal for your paint job.

Also, there are, in our opinion, numerous 30–gallon tank, 40–gallon tank compressor on the market, which is sold at an affordable price.

But frankly, your money is not worth it as it can not paint your entire car. But think carefully before making a purchase.

Hopefully, when a friend asks you, “How many CFM do you need to paint a car” after reading this article, you will answer him fluently.

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