3 Essential Pallet Rack Safety Tips Every Warehouse Owners Should Know

pallet racking in Brisbane

Brisbane is one of the busiest and most populated cities in Australia. The Port of Brisbane is at the mouth of the famous Brisbane River. It is the third busiest port in the country due to the volume of goods that enter all the time. Some of the items include bulks of sugar, coal, grain, and other products. Because of this, you can find plenty of warehouses filled with pallet racking in Brisbane.

If you want to invest in the storage business in this part of the country, you need to understand how to come up with the right pallet racking system. Here are several guidelines to create safe pallet racking inside the city warehouses.

Check If The Pallet Racking Has Accurate Labels

One of the most overlooked safety measures in pallet racking is the accurate weight capacity labels. If you know how to label the pallet rack system properly, your warehouse staff will know the right capacity of each pallet rack. They will also determine how to position the loads precisely. It will also help them decide on the total number of items to stack in each rack.

By knowing this essential information, your racking system will maintain its strength and integrity for a long time. Make sure that you use polyester rack labels instead of paper labels so it will not wear out quickly. Polyester rack labels also serve as a permanent adhesive, so you do not have to replace it from time to time.

Look For The Right Pallet Racking Size

If you plan to buy new or used pallet racking in Brisbane, you have an idea first about the amount of space that you must work with before you finalize the purchase. You also need to consider three primary factors when measuring a pallet rack. It includes the upright frame size that you can measure by height, column size, and depth.

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Another component for measuring the size of pallet racking is the cross beams, which measured through the distance separating the frames. Also, the wire decking measured in width and depth must be part of your consideration when buying the right pallet racking size to avoid overloading or overstocking or items.

Evaluate All Racking Frame Components And Accessories

There are different components in pallet rack systems. Some of it includes the front and rear posts known as uprights, the footplates and baseplates, the beams, and different braces. All these components can help defend against damages from forklifts, inaccurate system construction, and wrong pallet insertion. To make sure that your pallet racking in Brisbane is safe and secure, you must regularly inspect all the system components and its accessories.

Efficient pallet racking systems also require avoidance of inaccurate or unsafe rack loading. To prevent problems in this area, you need to teach your workers to learn how to load the pallet racks properly. They must have enough knowledge to pack the items according to shape, dimensions, size, and density aside from knowing their weight.

If you can teach your entire warehouse staff about the right safety tips, your workers will have a safe and efficient operating system. It also helps prevent any accidents in the workplace.

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