Six Easy Ways to Lose Weight Effectively

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When it comes to advising regarding quick weight loss, the internet seems to provide a lot. However, not all of the solutions you come across are guaranteed to work. You can visit Continuumbooks for some motivational ebooks. Apart from this, we’ve decided to narrow down a few effective weight loss solutions i.e low carb diet, Weight Loss Surgery, drinking more water, etc, and figure out why and how each solution works and the science behind it.

1. Following a protein-based diet

The calorie count for protein, carbohydrate, and fat goes as follows. Protein and carbohydrates provide an equal of 4 calories per gram, whereas fats provide a massive of 9 calories per gram. However, our bodies are more efficient in breaking down proteins in comparison to carbohydrates. Protein is also capable of boosting the metabolism of your body, thus, keeping your weight in check. Studies have also proved that following a high protein diet reduces your appetite which, in turn, further assists in quick weight loss.

2. Drinking more water

There is science behind the ancient claim that water helps in reducing weight. For every 17oz of water that has been consumed, the body improves its calorie-burning by 24-30% for an hour. Drinking water before a meal also controls your food intake during that meal. Since your belly will be filled with water, it reduces your calorie intake. Drinking water instead of other beverages is also beneficial for weight loss as you will cut down on the high calorie and sugar intake.

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3. Using smaller plates

Using smaller plates as a way to reduce your calorie intake is a method that is backed by science. When you use a small plate, the way you see proportions changes. However, regardless of the size of the plate, people fill out their plates the same way. So they place more food on larger plates and less on smaller plates. Using a small plate reduces how much food you’ve eaten while giving you the false perception of having eaten more.

4. Replacing your sweeteners

Replacing sugars with zero-calorie sweeteners such as stevia can prove to be extremely beneficial for quick weight loss. When we consume smoothies or other shakes that are sugar dense, we often find ourselves in a place where we cannot have the drinks without sugar, stevia could be the solution for you. If you have a sweet tooth, stevia is 200 times sweeter than sugar whilst it has no calories.


5. Consume more fiber

Consuming a fiber-rich diet could greatly aid in fat reduction. Our weight is mostly controlled by hormones, and fiber-rich food promotes the release of satiety hormones. These hormones are beneficial for weight loss. Consuming fiber-rich food also delays the process of stomach emptying, thus, keeping your stomach full for longer, and effectively decreasing your calorie intake.

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6. Using EMS Body Slimming Machine

An EMS Body Slimming Machine is a quick weight loss solution. It provides you quick weight loss in the comfort of your home without having to go through the trouble of prepping a new diet. One can lose belly fat as well as fat in other areas by simply massaging those areas with the help of the Havens EMS Body Slimming Machine.

Havens Body Slimming Machine by Makady offers a fat reduction solution through infrared, ultrasonic and EMS waves. The infrared waves created by the body slimming machine are close to the frequency of vibrations produced by the cell molecules of the body. Through resonance absorption, the friction between the molecules produces heat. The increase in temperature improves blood circulation and thus, works towards fat reduction. Ultrasonic waves improve the metabolism of the skin which aids greatly in fat reduction. These waves also aid in the absorption of skincare products thus, provide nutrition to the skin. EMS is a low-frequency current. This current is capable of manipulating acupuncture points that release energy and help with fat reduction.

It is hard to lose belly fat through exercises as they are hard to target individually and efficiently. Belly fat loss is made easier using Havens as you can directly interact with your belly fat and reduce fat from specific sites.

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