How to Choose a Driving Instructor

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Before you drive, a family member or friend can accompany you, and as long as they have an Australian Class C driver’s license, you should be good to go. But over time, everybody forms poor driving practices, but not everybody can fix them.

When you choose instructors from legitimate driving schools like EzLicence, you would not get the essential developmental phases of your driving ruined by somebody who unwittingly shows you risky behaviours, does not have tolerance, or undermines your confidence. Instead, you get an experienced individual who knows what they’re doing and can impart the right knowledge.

Here are the factors you need to look for in a driving instructor:


The Driving Instructors Regulation 2003 and Driving Instructors Act 1992 mandate every individual who educates another individual in driving for compensation should have an instructor’s license, and they should be easy to find in driving schools.


Driving teachers should typically have a dual-control car so they can assume control in an urgent situation. You need to figure out if they have automatic or manual cars, based on which type you want to use for training. ⠀


Most teachers will also want to take another student before you end your class so as not to waste time driving between sessions. It allows them to bring their prices down. If you dislike this setup, you might arrange for it to be one-on-one so you won’t be overwhelmed or bothered by seeing another person in your vehicle.


Be a little adaptable with the teacher as there are also peak hours for driving students. The teacher also needs to be versatile, consistent, and courteous to you. If you stick to a fixed schedule, it will make it easier for you to get lessons and will make it much easier for the trainer to help you. Ask where you will meet the teacher – be it at your residence or a separate location, so inform the instructor if it needs to change.

If you schedule a class, you sign a contract that ensures that the teacher will go to the designated location, teach you, and you will compensate them for it. When you reschedule the class, understand what the cancellation protocol is, because it is reasonable for the teacher to insist on full payment for sessions cancelled with little notice. Tell the professor what latest date you can postpone a class and if there are exemptions to mitigating factors to situations such as injury or illness.

Educational resources

Instructors should have training guidelines and provide learning materials tailored to suit your needs. They need to teach healthy and low-risk driving and ideally take part in a Beyond Test Routes course. Also, the lecturer usually offers a longer lecture, for instance, three hours. It minimises their lost time commuting between classes. When you feel like three hours would be too long of a driving session for you, particularly when you first start, let them know.

Do not choose your driving instructor based on cost; select by feedback. A poor driving instructor could be inexpensive due to a terrible reputation or because of poor teaching practices. It requires more training that will eventually cost you more in the longer term.

Ask the folks who just passed the test. Search for feedback online and check for reviews from the school or other instructors. An Internet search would only locate trainers who have a page, so try to search the local paper or inquire at your college or university. You can also use a private driving instructor or a platform that may have multiple coaches you can choose from. There are many driving schools and EzLicence is one that you can trust.

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