How to Look for a Good Beginner Mountain Bike

beginner mountain bike

There is no doubt that people are getting more and more conscious about their health. They spend a lot of money trying to stay fit and healthy. One way of getting in shape is to ride mountain bikes. However, finding the right mountain bikes for sale that will be perfect for you may already be a challenge. Here are the tools that you need to find the mountain bike suitable for you.

If you are starting, you need first to know what a beginner bike is. If money is no object to you, then all you have to do is to go out and spend a bunch of money on one of the bikes for sale. However, most beginning bikers often look for bikes that would not cost the biker an arm and a leg.

How do we choose the right beginner bike for you?

Derailleur Hanger

One of the essential aspects of a good mountain bike is how the derailleur is attached to the frame. A good budget electric bike has a rear derailleur that is hanging from the frame by a hanger. This hanger is designed to break away during crashes to prevent the shell from getting damaged. During a collision, the derailleur hanger can be realigned and replaced at a lesser cost than having part of your bike’s frame damaged. So when examining the mountain bikes for sale in your area, avoid buying bikes with their derailleur mounted directly to the frame. These types of bikes are one crash away from destruction and may waste your hard-earned money. Your choice of mountain bike should start and possibly end with the right derailleur hanger.

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Threadless Stem

The next important aspect of a trail-worth bike is the threadless stem. You can identify the threadless stem by the four bolts holding the handlebars on. When a mountain bike does not have threadless stems, then you will have a hard time finding replacements for the front parts of the bike, which includes the fork. Newer bike models have threadless stems so that it is easier to replace front-end parts. Threadless stems are also more rigid.

Quick-Release Levers on Wheels

Look for mountain bikes that have quick-release levers on wheels. These are common on entry-level bikes, and they are used so that you can easily remove or replace the wheels by hand without the use of any tools. Quick-release levers are also indicators on the bike’s intended purpose. When using mountain bikes, it is common that you will have flat tires. It is problematic to carry 15mm wrench with you every time you ride. Mountain bikes that use nuts to connect the wheels are old and outdated models. When mountain biking, you can quickly outgrow your existing wheels. Therefore, having quick-release levers will make it easier for you to upgrade your wheels. So if you see nuts on any bikes for sale, then stay away from them.

Serviceable Crankset

When you are choosing mountain bikes, it is better to look for a crank and chainring assembly that is attached with screws. Avoid a bike that has been welded or riveted together. Modular cranksets are serviceable, and you can replace a module that is damaged as compared to replacing the entire assembly.

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So browse around from the different mountain bikes for sale and find yourself a good beginner bike and enjoy the ride.

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