Top Reasons Why Custom Water Bottles Are Perfect for Marketing

custom water bottles marketing

The ways to market a brand or product are endless. People used to bank too much on television advertising as the best form of marketing. However, as time passed, people are more inclined to skip over these commercials. And along with that hit of the skip button are your brand message, website traffic, conversion rate, and profit.

When it comes to advertising, the strategy that wins is the one that gets the audiences’ attention fast. This is where custom water bottles come in. Everyone drinks water, so that means that if you hand out water bottles with your brand logo on it to your customers; the same will be useful to them. And because of that, they might end up carrying it anywhere they go, giving your brand the benefit of being passively advertised. Aside from free exposure, here are other great benefits from using customized water bottles.


Compared to other forms of advertising like online, radio, print ad, TV advertising, using custom bottles is a cheaper option. So, it does not matter if your business is small or if you have a low budget for your marketing campaign, using these bottles gets the job done and the goal achieved — you get to reach as many people as you can.

Design flexibility

Another advantage of using these custom bottles is you can design it in any way you like. You can also choose bottles of different sizes, types, designs, and colours. Just make sure that you work with a supplier who can supply you with good quality bottles and can also allow you to collaborate all through the design process. You can choose to imprint your brand name along with your logo and corresponding promotional messages. When you give these custom water bottles to your customers, they will always recall your company name. And you can even maximise this recall by adding a catchy tagline that will surely become viral the moment your customer reads it. Now, you will always be on their mind every time they think about a particular product you carry.

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Mobile advertising

Advertising your brand, cause, or message through customised water bottles gets the message across fast. Aside from that, you also get to send your message to as many people as you can. Since it is reusable, your customer gets to use it multiple times. While your customer is enjoying the use of the bottle, the number of people who gets to know your brand multiplies. For example, your customer brought the water bottle at the gym. While he is busy chatting with his gym buddies and sipping water from the bottle he placed on the table, your brand gets advertised to the people at the gym. Tomorrow, if he brings his water bottle to the cafe to meet his friends, your water bottle gets to meet new people, too. With the meagre investment, you reached a significant number of audience.

The Final Takeaway

Most of the time, more prominent companies gain a more significant advantage over startups and smaller competitors because the former has almost limitless advertising and marketing budget. They can hire celebrities as their endorsers and even exhaust all mediums to advertise their product. In this case, competing and getting ahead seems to be impossible for these smaller players. Then again, things can start to turn around if you get more creative with your advertising and marketing plans. If you can employ innovative means like using customised water bottles as your advertising medium, you can slowly turn the tides in your favour.

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